Ms. BEN HAJ SLAMA is a PhD student coming from the National Engineering School of Monastir (ENIM) Tunisia, holder of a national engineering diploma and research-oriented Master degree in energy engineering (2012-2013) and currently doing a thesis project in Energy engineering, Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics at the LabTAU laboratory U1032.


Ms. BEN HAJ SLAMA’s research is carried out in the general context of the optimization of the sono-thrombolysis technique. This optimization consists in finding the right Ultrasonic shots configuration that avoid the risk of blood clot debris releasing into the circulation and subsequently avoid pulmonary embolism. That being so, she is working on hydrodynamic phenomena which are generated during the HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) application on fluids as well as on solid particles, in particular, acoustic streaming, flow in  presence of cavitation and radiation force acting on the solid particles. The thesis project is consisting in experimental, numerical and theoretical investigations of the phenomena cited above in free and confined fluid mediums, with or without circulation, trying, thus, to approach the real blood vessels case.

  • 2015: First Prize poster at the International Conference of Engineering Sciences for Biology and Medicine ESBM, Monastir, Tunisia

Co-author of 2 articles in peer-reviewed journals, 7 conferences proceedings

Selected publications in peer-reviewed journals

  • [1] Electrolysis-induced bubbling in soft solids for elastic-wave generation. S. Montalescot, B. Roger, A. Zorgani, R. Souchon, P. Grasland-Mongrain, R. Ben Haj Slama, J.-C. Bera, and S. Catheline, Applied Physics Letters, 108, 094105, 2016.

  • [2] PIV for the characterization of focused field induced acoustic streaming: seeding particle choice evaluation. R. Ben Haj Slama, B. Gilles, M. Ben Chiekh, J.C. Béra, Ultrasonics, 2017.