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Quality insurance


Quality History


Win and maintain the confidence of our partners (industrial and academic, national and international)

  • Close attention to needs and requirements.
  • Continuous improvement of our methods and of our organization.
  • Compliance with deadlines and  with our  commitments.
  • Confidentiality.

Ensure traceable, robust and honest results

  • Use of laboratory notebooks.
  • Referencing and archiving of raw data.
  • Metrology of measuring equipments.
  • Compliance with regulation s and safety rules.
  • Ethical attitude.

Make durable and increase both the qualification and the involvment of our staff

  • Make durable use of know-how.
  • Promote continuous learning.
  • Infernal communication and  a team spirit.
  • Mutual respect.

Ensure a high level of qualification to PhD students and post-doctoral fellows

  • High level of recruitement.
  • Training and supervision of the students.
  • Active participation in the university domain.


Management Commitment

To set out and perform competitive research on an international level, to win and keep the confidence of our peers, of the supervisory authorities, of our partners and of our sponsors, to adapt to scientific, economic and social contexts, my wish has been, since I took my office in 2016, for our laboratory to keep up with its commitment in Quality process.

Therefore, I named Mrs Magali PERIER as a Quality Manager. I entrusted her with the mission of keeping alive and developing our quality management system based on the ISO 9001 international standard.

In order for this system to fit harmoniously in our activities and keep on improving its efficiency as well as our efficiency, I hereby undertake to  :

  • Ensure that we meet our partners /sponsors’ requirements with the aim of keeping increasing their satisfaction.
  • Develop and promote a Quality policy that respects the specificity of our professions.
  • Ensure that the Quality goals are in line with this policy. 
  • Ensure that everyone is familiar with this system.
  • Be personally invested in the promotion of the Quality spirit to all my co-workers in order for them to guarantee the system dynamics.
  • Control the evolution of this system by periodic assessments.
  • Allocate, as far as possible, human, financial and organizational means in order to fully reach our goals.

But, because Quality is a shared concern, I’d remind that everyone is concerned, whatever her/his position within the Laboratory, and I will always be carefully listening and be interested, and so will all the Managers, to any suggestion aiming at improving our QMS and our working methods.
    Cyril Lafon