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Our Philosophy

The transfer of our research from the test bench to the bed of the patient
As a pioneer in the field of therapeutic ultrasound, the laboratory values ethical respect and focuses on both Clinical and Industrial transfer, as such over the past 30 years it has developed partnerships with


Thursday 8 November 2018

Elle se tiendra le 8 novembre prochain sur le site Rockefeller (salle Hermann).

La thématique mise en avant cette année portera sur la « Médecine Individualisée », mais comme à l’habitude les doctorants seront encouragés à présenter leurs travaux quel que soit leur thème de recherche, sous forme de communications orales ou de posters. Des enseignants-chercheurs et chercheurs des EPST nouvellement recrutés ou nouvellement arrivés sur le site seront également invités à présenter leurs projets à la communauté, de même que des chercheurs du secteur privé. Tous pourront faire part de... Read more

Thursday 11 October 2018

It’s a big pleasure to invite you to for the 23nd scientific day of EDISS, which will take place on Thursday, 11th October at Villeurbanne. 

This day will be the occasion to welcome new PhD students and to present them the organization of the doctoral school. It is therefore obligatory for the 1st year PhD students and their supervisors to participate.

To participate, you need to subscribe via

This day is also the occasion for PhD students to present their work via oral... Read more

Thursday 27 September 2018

Les nœuds franciliens, Paris Centre et Paris Sud, du réseau national France Life Imaging, FLI vous invitent à leur journée scientifique le jeudi 27 septembre 2018 à l’Institut de Myologie à Paris.

Cette quatrième édition sera consacrée aux avancées des techniques d'acquisition multimodales en imagerie médicale.

Télécharger le programme ici

Pour participer, inscrivez-vous jusqu’au 24 septembre inclus à cette adresse :... Read more

Thursday 20 September 2018

Author: Robin Cleveland (Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford)
Summary: Traumatic brain injury has been reportedly widely in the press with respect to athletes subject to head impact and military personnel subject to blast waves.  In the case of direct impact there is a typically an acute response, concussion, which can lead to chronic injury to the brain that develops over months and years.  The chronic injury manifests itself in issues with memory, mood, and... Read more

Wednesday 19 September 2018

Dear all
We are proud to announce that the LabTau in collaboration with the Focused Ultrasound Foundation is launching the first MOOC on therapeutic ultrasound.
This education program aims at promoting the field of therapeutic ultrasound in its various applications for a targeted audience of Physicians, Students, PhD Students and Patients.
The 12 courses which compose the MOOC have been given by experts recognized worldwide. They cover clinical cases and more technical informations in order understand the physics and the mechanisms of ultrasound for therapy. The... Read more

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Job offers

Place : LabTAU
Release date : Thursday 3 May 2018
Response deadline : Friday 3 May 2019
Place : LabTau (151 Cours Albert Thomas, Lyon 3ème)
Release date : Thursday 25 January 2018
Response deadline : Friday 25 January 2019
Place : Laboratoire d’Applications des Ultrasons à la Thérapie
Release date : Wednesday 22 November 2017
Response deadline : Thursday 31 May 2018
Place : INSERM, Laboratoire LabTAU, à LYON
Release date : Tuesday 3 October 2017
Response deadline : Wednesday 31 October 2018
Place : INSERM, Laboratoire LabTAU, à LYON
Release date : Tuesday 3 October 2017
Response deadline : Wednesday 31 October 2018
Place : INSERM, Laboratoire LabTAU, à LYON
Release date : Tuesday 3 October 2017
Response deadline : Wednesday 31 October 2018