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The transfer of our research from the test bench to the bed of the patient
As a pioneer in the field of therapeutic ultrasound, the laboratory values ethical respect and focuses on both Clinical and Industrial transfer, as such over the past 30 years it has developed partnerships with


Thursday 21 November 2019

Author: Zhishen Sun
Summary: The Lorentz force, as the linkage between the mechanical displacement and the electrical current, is investigated in this thesis in two fields of the medical acoustics, i.e. scanning electric conductivity gradients with ultrasonically induced Lorentz force (SECG-UILF) and elastography.

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Monday 14 October 2019

Author: Johannes Aichele

  La première partie se penche sur le comportement des ondes dans des milieux poreux. La dispersion de l'onde de cisaillement et de l'onde de compression secondaire dans des matériaux imitant le poumon est analysées expérimentalement, puis comparées à la théorie de poro-élasticité de Biot. Les résultats quant à l'onde de cisaillement sont conformes à la théorie, et ceux de l’onde de compression y correspondent qualitativement. Pour conclure, dans le cas des milieux mous, poreux et... Read more

Tuesday 18 June 2019

Dr. W. Apoutou N’DJIN, Ph.D., Research Associate in Biomedical Engineering & Physics at the Laboratory of Therapeutic Applications of Ultrasound (LabTAU, French National Institute of Health and Medical Research, University of Lyon, France), was... Read more

Monday 4 March 2019

Dear all

The 12th course composing the MOOC is now available. This clinical presentation is given by Professor Florent APTEL on «HIFU for treating glaucoma»

Note that this is the last of the 12 courses composing this first MOOC dedicated to therapeutic ultrasound but that all courses remain available online 

Note that this is the last of this first MOOC dedicated to therapeutic ultrasound and that all the courses will still be available on-line after March 4.

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Wednesday 19 September 2018

Dear all
We are proud to announce that the LabTau in collaboration with the Focused Ultrasound Foundation is launching the first MOOC on therapeutic ultrasound.
This education program aims at promoting the field of therapeutic ultrasound in its various applications for a targeted audience of Physicians, Students, PhD Students and Patients.
The 12 courses which compose the MOOC have been given by experts recognized worldwide. They cover clinical cases and more technical informations in order understand the physics and the mechanisms of ultrasound for therapy. The... Read more

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Last updated 7 March 2019

Place : LabTAU, Inserm U1032, 151 Cours Albert Thomas 69003 Lyon / CREATIS - Site INSA, 7 avenue Jean Capelle 69621 Villeurbanne
Release date : Thursday 7 March 2019
Response deadline : Friday 31 May 2019
Place : LabTAU, Inserm U1032, 151 Cours Albert Thomas 69003 Lyon
Release date : Wednesday 30 January 2019
Response deadline : Thursday 30 January 2020
Place : LabTAU, 151 Cours Albert Thomas, 69003 LYON
Release date : Wednesday 7 November 2018
Response deadline : Thursday 7 November 2019
Place : LabTAU, 151 Cours Albert Thomas, 69003 LYON
Release date : Monday 24 September 2018
Response deadline : Tuesday 24 September 2019
Blood-brain barrier (BBB) is a specialized structure that regulates molecular passage from the...
Place : LabTAU
Release date : Thursday 3 May 2018
Response deadline : Friday 3 May 2019