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The MOOC on therapeutic ultrasound is available

Wednesday 19 September 2018

Dear all
We are proud to announce that the LabTau in collaboration with the Focused Ultrasound Foundation is launching the first MOOC on therapeutic ultrasound.
This education program aims at promoting the field of therapeutic ultrasound in its various applications for a targeted audience of Physicians, Students, PhD Students and Patients.
The 12 courses which compose the MOOC have been given by experts recognized worldwide. They cover clinical cases and more technical informations in order understand the physics and the mechanisms of ultrasound for therapy. The questionnaires and forums linked to each course aim at promoting interactions between participants and we hope you will contribute to discussions. 
The first course is now available. It is given by Pr Jeff Elias on Neurological disorders treated by HIFU. Early October, it will be followed by Oleg Sapozhnikov on Ultrasound generation and focusing for HIFU therapy.
You can register on Claroline using the following link:
It will automatically appear in French, so in order to have access to it in English you have to click on the box (FR) at the bottom right of the page to select the language you wish. It is open-access and free of charge.
We hope you’ll enjoy this innovative on line course and that you will contribute to discussions. We are looking forward to your feedback.
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