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Last updated 22 August 2022

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  • Diagnostic performance of qualitative ultrasound assessment for the interpretation of point-of-care gastric ultrasound to detect high gastric fluid volume: A prospective randomized crossover study
    Bouvet Lionel, Cordoval Julien, Barnoud Sophie, Berlier Jean, Desgranges Francois-Pierrick, Chassard Dominique
  • Transesophageal endoscopic ultrasound-guided coil and cyanoacrylate treatment of challenging esophageal varices bleeding associated with CREST syndrome ulcerative esophagitis
    Rivory Jerome, Pioche Mathieu, Dumortier Jerome, Lambin Thomas, Lupu Alexandru, Ber Charles-Eric, Valette Pierre-Jean
    ENDOSCOPY , 2022
  • Posterior auricular artery helix root free flap-part I: radio-anatomical study
    Daurade M, Sigaux N, Gleizal A, Breton P, Chauvel-Picard J, Pierrefeu A
  • Underwater endoscopic mucosal resection: the best solution for treating local recurrence of duodenal adenoma
    Figueiredo Mariana, Yzet Clara, Lafeuille Pierre, Benech Nicolas, Rivory Jerome, Pioche Mathieu
    ENDOSCOPY , 2022
  • Ecological impact of endoscopic dilatation using the bougie cap device: a low-tech innovation to reduce waste by 99%
    Yzet Clara, Figueiredo Mariana, Michoud Claire, Lafeuille Pierre, Rivory Jerome, Pioche Mathieu
    ENDOSCOPY , 2022
  • Endoscopic mucosal resection with a magnetic traction system: a new strategy to facilitate complete resection
    Figueiredo Mariana, Yzet Clara, Lafeuille Pierre, Ponchon Thierry, Jacques Jeremie, Rivory Jerome, Pioche Mathieu
    ENDOSCOPY , 2022
  • Management of women with abnormal uterine bleeding: Clinical practice guidelines of the French National College of Gynecologists and Obstetricians (CNGOF)
    Brun J-L, Plu-Bureau G, Huchon C, Ah-Kit X, Barral M, Chauvet P, Cornelis F, Cortet M, Crochet P, Delporte V, Dubernard G, Giraudet G, Gosset A, Graesslin O, Hugon-Rodin J, Lecointre L, Legendre G, Maitrot-Mantelet L, Marcellin L, Miquel L, Le Mitouard M, Proust C, Roquette A, Rousset P, Sangnier E, Sapoval M, Thubert T, Torre A, Tremollieres F, Vernhet-Kovacsik H, Vidal F, Marret H
  • Assessing gastric contents in children before general anesthesia for acute extremity fracture: An ultrasound observational cohort study.
    Evain Jean-Noel, Durand Zoe, Dilworth Kelly, Sintzel Sarah, Courvoisier Aurelien, Mortamet Guillaume, Desgranges Francois-Pierrick, Bouvet Lionel, Payen Jean-Francois
    Journal of clinical anesthesia, 77 , 2022
  • Combined model-based and deep learning-based automated 3D zonal segmentation of the prostate on T2-weighted MR images: clinical evaluation
    Rouviere Olivier, Moldovan Paul Cezar, Vlachomitrou Anna, Gouttard Sylvain, Riche Benjamin, Groth Alexandra, Rabotnikov Mark, Ruffion Alain, Colombel Marc, Crouzet Sebastien, Weese Juergen, Rabilloud Muriel
    EUROPEAN RADIOLOGY, 32(5) , 3248- 3259, 2022
  • Accidental gastrocolonic anastomosis by apposition stent: a one-month healing delaymakes it possible to treat a stabilized gastrocolonic fistula rather than a double perforation
    Laroyenne Alexia, Lafeuille Pierre, Lambin Thomas, Wallenhorst Timothee, Hamel Benjamin, Rivory Jerome, Pioche Mathieu
    ENDOSCOPY, 54(05) , E212- E214, 2022
  • Endoscopic submucosal dissection of a subepithelial neuroendocrine tumor located in the duodenum using a countertraction technique
    Lambin Thomas, Yzet Clara, Albouys Jeremie, Lafeuille Pierre, Rostain Florian, Rivory Jerome, Pioche Mathieu
    ENDOSCOPY, 54(05) , E230- E231, 2022
  • Double-pigtail plastic stent is effective as a rescue therapy after obstruction of choledochoduodenostomy using a lumen-apposing metal stent
    Albouys Jeremie, Geyl Sophie, Redelsperger Benjamin, Loustaud-Ratti Veronique, Legros Romain, Pioche Mathieu, Jacques Jeremie
    ENDOSCOPY, 54(05) , E184- E185, 2022
  • Flat colorectal sessile serrated polyp: an example of what artificial intelligence does not easily detect
    Lafeuille Pierre, Lambin Thomas, Yzet Clara, Latif El Houcine, Ordoqui Nathan, Rivory Jerome, Pioche Mathieu
    ENDOSCOPY, 54(05) , 520- 521, 2022
  • Green-colored areas in laterally spreading tumors on narrow-band imaging: a future target for artificial-intelligence-assisted detection of malignancies?
    Lafeuille Pierre, Fenouil Tanguy, Bartoli Adrien, Yzet Clara, Lambin Thomas, Rivory Jerome, Pioche Mathieu
    ENDOSCOPY, 54(05) , E215- E216, 2022
  • When Z-POEM comes to the rescue of classical diverticulotomy and vice versa
    Lambin Thomas, Lafeuille Pierre, Rivory Jerome, Calavas Laura, Ponchon Thierry, Pioche Mathieu
    ENDOSCOPY, 54(05) , E193- E194, 2022
  • Adenocarcinoma arising from a long-standing solitary rectal ulcer syndrome
    Lambin Thomas, Lafeuille Pierre, Rivory Jerome, Rostain Florian, Fabritius Martin, Cotte Eddy, Pioche Mathieu
    ENDOSCOPY, 54(05) , E205- E206, 2022
  • Retroflexion in the duodenal bulb combined with tunnel and double-clip traction: the key to successful endoscopic submucosal dissection of a malignant gastric adenoma protruding through the pylorus
    Schaefer Marion, Lambin Thomas, Hamel Benjamin, Gandilhon Clementine, Jacques Jeremie, Rivory Jerome, Pioche Mathieu
    ENDOSCOPY, 54(05) , E245- E246, 2022
  • Inducers of the NF-kappa B pathways impair hepatitis delta virus replication and strongly decrease progeny infectivity in vitro
    Michelet Maud, Alfaiate Dulce, Chardes Brieux, Pons Caroline, Faure-Dupuy Suzanne, Engleitner Thomas, Farhat Rayan, Riedl Tobias, Legrand Anne-Flore, Rad Roland, Rivoire Michel, Zoulim Fabien, Heikenwalder Mathias, Salvetti Anna, Durantel David, Lucifora Julie
    JHEP REPORTS, 4(3) , 2022
  • To an ecological endoscopic submucosal dissection: tips and tricks to reduce waste
    Yzet Clara, Benech Nicolas, Lafeuille Pierre, Lambin Thomas, Rivory Jerome, Pioche Mathieu
    ENDOSCOPY , 2022
  • One-year Functional Outcomes after Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate (HoLEP): Introduction of a Composite Score (Hexafecta)
    Michaud C, Codas-Duarte R, Matillon X, Crouzet S, Badet L, Fassi-Fehri H
    PROGRES EN UROLOGIE, 32(3) , 189- 197, 2022
  • Reverse tensor fascia latae perforator flap for reconstruction of knee defect: Anatomic study by computed tomographic angiography and a case report
    Boucher Fabien, Abihannah Michel, Chauvel-Picard Julie, Mojallal Ali A, Rouviere Olivier, Brosset Sophie
  • The psychological impact of therapeutic changes during the COVID-19-lockdown for gynaecological and breast cancer patients,
    Lamblin G, Chene G, Leaune E, Philip C A, Moret S, Nohuz E, Golfier F, Cortet M
  • Spectral Analysis of Tissue Displacement for Cardiac Activation Mapping: Ex-vivo Working Heart and In-vivo Study.
    Robert Jade, Bessiere Francis, Cao Elodie, Loyer Virginie, Abell Emma, Vaillant Fanny, Quesson Bruno, Catheline Stefan, Lafon Cyril
    IEEE transactions on ultrasonics, ferroelectrics, and frequency control, 69(3) , 942- 956, 2022
  • Reply to Jas Singh's Letter to the Editor re: Marc Sbizzera, Nicolas Morel-Journel, Alain Ruffion, et al. Rectourethral Fistula Induced by Localised Prostate Cancer Treatment: Surgical and Functional Outcomes of Transperineal Repair with Gracilis Muscle Flap Interposition. Eur Urol. In press.
    Sbizzera Marc, Morel-Journel Nicolas, Carnicelli Damien, Ruffion Alain, Paparel Philippe, Crotze Sebastie, Neuville Paul
    European urology, 81(3) , E68- E69, 2022
  • Structured and shared MRI staging lexicon and report of rectal cancer: A consensus proposal by the French Radiology Group (GRERCAR) and Surgical Group (GRECCAR) for rectal cancer.
    Nougaret Stephanie, Rousset Pascal, Gormly Kirsten, Lucidarme Oliver, Brunelle Serge, Milot Laurent, Salut Cecile, Pilleul Franck, Arrive Lionel, Hordonneau Constance, Baudin Guillaume, Soyer Philippe, Brun Vanessa, Laurent Valerie, Savoye-Collet Celine, Petkovska Iva, Gerard Jean Pierre, Rullier Eric, Cotte Eddy, Rouanet Philippe, Beets-Tan Regina G H, Frulio Nora, Hoeffel Christine
    Diagnostic and interventional imaging, 103(3) , 127- 141, 2022