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Last updated 20 February 2020

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  • Safety and Feasibility of Repeated and Transient Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption by Pulsed Ultrasound in Patients with Recurrent Glioblastoma.
    Idbaih Ahmed, Canney Michael, Belin Lisa, Desseaux Carole, Vignot Alexandre, Bouchoux Guillaume, Asquier Nicolas, Law-Ye Bruno, Leclercq Delphine, Bissery Anne, De Rycke Yann, Trosch Clementine, Capelle Laurent, Sanson Marc, Hoang-Xuan Khe, Dehais Caroline, Houillier Caroline, Laigle-Donadey Florence, Mathon Bertrand, Andre Arthur, Lafon Cyril, Chapelon Jean-Yves, Delattre Jean-Yves, Carpentier Alexandre
    Clin. Cancer Res., 25(13) , 3793- 3801, 2019
  • Passive elastography: from body quake to cell quake
    Catheline S
    European Society of Molecular Imaging Winter School TOPIM19 - Las Houches - France
    13/01/2019 2019
  • Passive elastography: from organ to cell
    Catheline S
    SPIE Photonic West - San Fransisco - USA
    02/02/2019 2019
  • Successful Closure of a Rectal Fistula of Crohn's Disease Using Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection Combined With an Over-the Scope Clip
    Wallenhorst T, Jacques J, Bouguen G, Pagenault M, D'Halluin PN, Siproudhis L, Pioche M
    AMERICAN JOURNAL OF GASTROENTEROLOGY, 114(9) , 1416- 1416, 2019
  • Value of Increasing Biopsy Cores per Target with Cognitive MRI-targeted Transrectal US Prostate Biopsy
    Zhang M, Milot L, Khalvati F, Sugar L, Downes M, Baig SM, Klotz L, Haider MA
    RADIOLOGY, 291(1) , 82- 88, 2019
  • Acoustic Emission‑Feedback Planar Ultrasound System for Localized Blood–Brain Barrier Opening Monitoring
    Tsai CH, Chen KT, Lin YX, Lin YC, Chen WS, Inserra C, Liu HL
    Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering, 39(3) , 277- 286, 2019
  • Comparison of three-dimensional rectosonography, rectal endoscopic sonography and magnetic resonance imaging performances in the diagnosis of rectosigmoid endometriosis.
    Sandre A, Philip CA, De-Saint-Hilaire P, Maissiat E, Bailly F, Cortet M, Dubernard G
    Eur. J. Obstet. Gynecol. Reprod. Biol., 240 , 288- 292, 2019
  • Development of a HIFU treatment of breast tumors using a toroidal HIFU transducer. Preliminary experiments in human samples.
    Sanchez M, Barrere V, Chopin N, Melodelima D
    19th International Symposium on Therapeutic Ultrasound - Barcelone - Espagne
  • A nasobiliary drain connected to a waterjet system to facilitate endoscopic ultrasound-guided gastrojejunostomy.
    Schaefer M, Taibi A, Lepetit H, Legros R, Durand-Fontanier S, Pioche M, Jacques J
    Endoscopy, 51(6) , E158- E159, 2019
  • Treatment of digestive angiectasia: time for prospective, randomized, therapeutic studies
    Saurin JC, Jacob P, Pioche M
    ENDOSCOPY INTERNATIONAL OPEN, 7(12) , E1778- E1779, 2019
  • Virtual cystoscopy and colonoscopy to assess deep infiltrating endometriosis
    Rault E, Philip CA, Cortet M, Dubernard G
  • The primacy of multiparametric MRI in men with suspected prostate cancer.
    Richenberg J, Logager V, Panebianco V, Rouviere O, Villeirs G, Schoots IG
    Eur Radiol, 29(12) , 6940- 6952, 2019
  • Endoscopic destruction of a large intrajejunal biliary stone using a polypectomy snare and high Autocut mode.
    Rivory J, Rostain F, Adham M, Saurin JC, Ponchon T, Lupu A, Pioche M
    Endoscopy, 51(7) , E164- E165, 2019
  • Colo-rectum: why do we not find diminutive sessile serrated polyp?
    Pioche M, Hirata D, Hervieu V, Sano Y
    Endosc Int Open, 7(9) , E1049- E1050, 2019
  • Endoscopic removal of colorectal T1 cancers: Why is a 1-year follow-up recommended by ESGE when resection is R0 and curative?
    Pioche M, Walter T
    Endosc Int Open, 7(6) , E816- E817, 2019
  • Subcutaneous suppressive antibiotic therapy for bone and joint infections: safety and outcome in a cohort of 10 patients
    Pouderoux C, Becker A, Goutelle S, Lustig S, Triffault-Fillit C, Daoud F, Fessy MH, Cohen S, Laurent F, Chidiac C, Valour F, Ferry T, Ferry T, Perpoint T, Miailhes P, Ader F, Becker A, Roux S, Triffault-Fillit C, Conrad A, Perry M, Pouderoux C, Daoud F, Lippman J, Braun E, Chidiac C, Lustig S, Servien E, Batailler C, Gaillard R, Gunst S, Roger J, Fiquet C, Fessy MH, Viste A, Chaudier P, Besse JL, Louboutin L, Gaudin G, Ledru T, Van Haecke A, Ode Q, Mercier M, Alech-Tournier F, Martres S, Trouillet F, Barrey C, Jouanneau E, Jacquesson T, Gerenton B, Mojallal A, Boucher F, Shipkov H, Ceruse P, Fuchsmann C, Gleizal A, Aubrun F, Dziadzko M, Macabeo C, Laurent F, Beraut L, Dupieux C, Kolenda C, Josse J, Gustave CA, Craighero F, Boussel L, Pialat JB, Morelec I, Tod M, Gagnieu MC, Goutelle S, Mabrut E
  • Impact of peroral cholangioscopy on the management of indeterminate biliary conditions: a multicentre prospective trial.
    Prat F, Leblanc S, Foissac F, Ponchon T, Laugier R, Bichard P, Maire F, Coumaros D, Charachon A, Vedrenne B, Boytchev I, Chaussade S, Kaddour N, Laquiere A, Gaujoux S
    Frontline Gastroenterol, 10(3) , 236- 243, 2019
  • Colorectal endoscopic submucosal dissection for all LSTs: histological information loss due to piecemeal EMR is no longer acceptable (vol 07, pg E1195, 2019)
    Pioche M, Rivory J, Jacques J
  • Colorectal endoscopic submucosal dissection for all LSTs: histological information loss due to piecemeal EMR is no longer acceptable
    Pioche M, Rivory J, Jeremie J
    ENDOSCOPY INTERNATIONAL OPEN, 7(10) , E1195- E1196, 2019
  • Management of complications
    Ponchon T, Bauerfeind P
    ENDOSCOPY, 51(12) , 1110- 1112, 2019
  • Selection of Patients With Rectal Cancer for Preoperative Chemoradiotherapy: Are T Category and Nodal Status All That Matters?
    Pooni A, Al-Sukhni E, Milot L, Fruitman M, Victor JC, Schmocker S, Brown G, Kennedy E
    DISEASES OF THE COLON & RECTUM, 62(4) , 447- 453, 2019
  • Metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC): French intergroup clinical practice guidelines for diagnosis, treatments and follow-up (SNFGE, FFCD, GERCOR, UNICANCER, SFCD, SFED, SFRO, SFR).
    Phelip JM, Tougeron D, Leonard D, Benhaim L, Desolneux G, Dupre A, Michel P, Penna C, Tournigand C, Louvet C, Christou N, Chevallier P, Dohan A, Rousseaux B, Bouche O
    Dig Liver Dis, 51(10) , 1357- 1363, 2019
  • Curriculum for endoscopic submucosal dissection training in Europe: European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE) Position Statement.
    Pimentel-Nunes P, Pioche M, Albeniz E, Berr F, Deprez P, Ebigbo A, Dewint P, Haji A, Panarese A, Weusten BLAM, Dekker E, East JE, Sanders DS, Johnson G, Arvanitakis M, Ponchon T, Dinis-Ribeiro M, Bisschops R
    Endoscopy, 51(10) , 980- 992, 2019
  • ESD with double clips and rubber band traction of neoplastic lesions developed in the appendiceal orifice is effective and safe
    Oung B, Rivory J, Chabrun E, Legros R, Faller J, Leger-Nguyen F, Rostain F, Ber CE, Hervieu V, Saurin JC, Ponchon T, Jacques J, Pioche M
  • IRBM focus on biomedical ultrasound
    Melodelima D, Frouin F
    IRBM, 40(1) , 1- 2, 2019