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  • Un antécédent d’irradiation pour un cancer de la prostate altère les résultats chirurgicaux et oncologiques après proctectomie pour cancer du rectum
    Gagnière J, Guandalino M, Dupré A, François M, Le roy B, Veziant J, Dubois A, Guy L, Pezet D
    Journées Francophones d’Hépato-gastroentérologie et d’Oncologie Digestive - Paris - France
    17-20 Mars 2016
  • Congrès de la Société Française de NeuroRadiologie
    Souchon R
    - Paris -
    16 Mars 2016
  • Real-time monitoring and control of cavitation activity for enhancing ultrasound transfection and bubble-cell interactions
    Inserra C, Béra JC, Muleki Seya P, Chen WS
    16th International Symposium on Therapeutic Ultrasound - Tel Aviv - Israel
    14-16 Mars 2016
  • Linear and nonlinear radial oscillations of an acoustic bubble submitted to a dual-frequency excitation: analytical and experimental studies
    Inserra C, Guedra M, Gilles B, Mauger C
    16th International Symposium on Therapeutic Ultrasound - Tel Aviv - Israel
    14-16 Mars 2016
  • CMUT interstitial catheter for high intensity conformal ultrasound tissue ablation
    Nguyen-Dinh A, Roy M, N'Djin WA, Chapelon JY
    International Conference and Exhibitions on Integration Issues of Miniaturized Systems – European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration (EPoSS) - Munich - Germany
    09-10 Mars 2016
  • A selective mass scaling method for shear wave propagation analyses in nearly incompressible materials
    Ye W, Bel-Brunon A, Rochette M, Catheline S, Combescure A
    Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering , 2016
  • Can early hepatic fibrosis stages be discriminated by combining ultrasonic parameters?
    Bouzitoune R , Meziri M, Machado CB , Padilla F, Pereira WCD
    Ultrasonics, 68 , 120- 126, 2016
  • Role of Hormonal Treatment in Prostate Cancer Patients with Nonmetastatic Disease Recurrence After Local Curative Treatment: A Systematic Review.
    van den Bergh RC, van Casteren NJ, van den Broeck T, Fordyce ER, Gietzmann WK, Stewart F, MacLennan S, Dabestani S, Bellmunt J, Bolla M, Briers E, Cornford P, Joniau S, Mason MD, Matveev V, van der Poel HG, van der Kwast TH, Rouvière O, Wiegel T, Lam TB,
    Eur Urol, 69(5) , 802- 20, 2016
  • Bio-acoustic levitational assembly of heterocellular multilayer constructs for tissue engineering
    Bouyer C, Chen P, Nieland TJ, Demirci U, Padilla F
    TERMIS EU 2016 (European Chapter Meeting of the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society 2016) - Uppsala - Sweden
    28-1 Juin-Juillet 2016
  • Clinical trial of blood-brain barrier disruption by pulsed ultrasound
    Carpentier A, Canney M, Vignot A, Reina V, Beccaria K, Horodyckid C, Karachi C, Leclercq D, Lafon C, Chapelon JY, Capelle L, Cornu P, Sanson M, Hoang-Xuan K, Delattre JY, Idbaih A
    Sci Transl Med, 8(343) , 343re2, 2016
  • HIFU Characterization and feasibility: Planar Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasound Transducer (CMUT) probe with 64-element annular array and a linear imaging array for UltraSound-guided High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (USgHIFU)
    Bawiec C, N'Djin WA, Bouchoux G, Sénégond N, Guillen N, Chapelon JY
    Workshop MUT - Rome - Italy
    09-10 Juin 2016
  • CMUT efficiency for HIFU applications
    Gross D, N'Djin WA, Boulmé A, Bawiec C, Sénégond N, Certon D
    Workshop MUT - Rome - Italia
    09-10 Juin 2016
  • Ultrasound-induced opening of the blood-brain barrier to enhance temozolomide and irinotecan delivery: an experimental study in rabbits
    Beccaria K, Canney M, Goldwirt L, Fernandez C, Piquet J, Perier MC, Lafon C, Chapelon JY, Carpentier A
    J Neurosurg, 124(6) , 1602-10, 2016
  • A Selective Mass Scaling Method For ShearWave Propagation Analyses In Nearly Incompressible Materials
    Wenfeng Ye, Catheline S
    The 12th World Congress on Computational Mechanics (Seoul, Korea) - Seoul - Korea
    Juillet 2016
  • Quantitative Analysis of Prostate Multiparametric MR Images for Detection of Aggressive Prostate Cancer in the Peripheral Zone: A Multiple Imager Study.
    Hoang Dinh A, Melodelima C, Souchon R, Lehaire J, Bratan F, Mège-Lechevallier F, Ruffion A, Crouzet S, Colombel M, Rouvière O
    Radiology, 280(1) , 117- 27, 2016
  • Enhancement of Fluorescent Probe Penetration into Tumors In Vivo Using Unseeded Inertial Cavitation
    Prieur F, Pillon A, Mestas JL, Cartron V, Cèbe P, Chansard N, Lafond M, Lafon C
    Ultrasound Med Biol, 42(7) , 1706- 13, 2016
  • Detection of Tumoral Netrin-1 Protein Levels using Ultrasound Microbubble Contrast Agents: In Vitro Validation, poster presentation (award for the best poster)
    Wischhusen J, Jean-Guy Delcros, Patrick Mehen, Frederic Padilla
    21st European Symposium on Ultrasound Contrast Imaging - Rotterdam - The Netherlands
    21-22 Janvier 2016
  • Unseeded Inertial Cavitation for Enhancing the Delivery of Chemotherapies: A Safety Study
    Lafond M, Mestas JL, Prieur F, Chettab K, Geraci S, Clézardin P, Lafon C
    Ultrasound Med Biol, 42(1) , 220- 31, 2016
  • A Bio-Acoustic Levitational (BAL) Assembly Method for Engineering of Multilayered, 3D Brain-Like Constructs, Using Human Embryonic Stem Cell Derived Neuro-Progenitors
    Bouyer C, Chen P, Guvan S, Demirtas T, Nieland TJF, Padilla F, Demirci U
    Advanced Materials, 28(1) , 161, 2016
  • Enhanced brain distribution of carboplatin in a primate model after blood-brain barrier disruption using an implantable ultrasound device.
    Goldwirt L, Canney M, Horodyckid C, Poupon J, Mourah S, Vignot A, Chapelon JY, Carpentier A
    Cancer Chemother. Pharmacol., 77(1) , 211-6, 2016
  • Détection et traitement ciblé par HIFU du cancer de la prostate
    Lafon C, Rouvière O, Gelet A, Crouzet S, Chapelon JY, Blanc E, Lartizien C
    1er Congrès National d’Imagerie du Vivant – France Life Imaging - Paris - France
    10 Février 2016
  • Accuracy of Elastic Fusion of Prostate Magnetic Resonance and Transrectal Ultrasound Images under Routine Conditions: a Prospective Multi-operator Study
    Moldovan P, Udrescu C, Ravier E, Souchon R, Rabilloud M, Bratan F, Sanzalone T, Cros F, Crouzet S, Gelet A, Chapet O, Rouvière O
    PLoS One, 11(12) , e0169120, 2016
  • Etude des mécanismes de neurostimulations par Ultrasons Pulsés de Faible Energie
    Vion J, N'Djin WA, Chapelon JY
    Journée Labex - Lyon - France
    13 Décembre 2016
  • Intra-operative ablation of colorectal liver metastases (CLM) with High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU): preliminary results of a prospective ablate-and-resect study
    Dupré A, Melodelima D, Pérol D, Chen Y, Vincenot J, Chapelon JY, Rivoire M
    12th World Congress of the International Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association IHPBA - Sao Paulo - Brazil
    20-23 Avril 2016
  • Enhancement of fluorescent probes penetration in tumours in vivo using unseeded inertial cavitation
    Prieur F, Pillon A, Mestas JL, Carton V, Cebe P, Chansard N, Lafond M, Lafon C
    16th Symposium of the International Society for Therapeutic Ultrasound (ISTU) - Tel Aviv - Israel
    16 Avril 2016