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Last updated 12 November 2018

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  • Simulation of non-linear transient elastography: finite element model for the propagation of shear waves in homogeneous soft tissues
    Wenfeng Ye, Aline Bel Brunon, Michel Rochette, Alain Combescure, Stefan Catheline
    Int. J. Numer. Meth. Biomed. Engng, 34(1) , 2018
  • Ultrafast monitoring and control of subharmonic emission of an unseeded bubble cloud during pulsed sonication
    Cornu C, Guédra M, Bera JC, Chen WS, Liu HL, Inserra C
    Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 42 , 697- 703, 2018
  • Focused shockwave induced blood-brain barrier opening and transfection
    Kung Y, Lan C, Sun MK, Hsu YH, Huang APH, Liao WH, Chen WS, Liu HL, Inserra C, Chen WS
    Scientific Reports, 8 , 2218, 2018
  • Fast Volumetric Ultrasound B-Mode and Doppler Imaging with a New High-Channels Density Platform for Advanced 4D Cardiac Imaging/Therapy
    Petrusca L, Varray F, Souchon R, Bernard A, Chapelon JY, Liebgott H, N'Djin WA, Viallon M
    Appl Sci, 8(2) , 200, 2018
  • Characterization of prostate cancer with Gleason score of at least 7 by using quantitative multiparametric MR imaging: validation of a Computer-Aided Diagnosis system in patients referred for prostate biopsy
    Hoang Dinh A, Melodelima C, Souchon R, Moldovan P, Bratan F, Pagnoux G, Mège-Lechevallier F, Ruffion A, Crouzet S, Colombel M, Rouvière O
    Radiology , 2018
  • Surface modes with controlled axisymmetry triggered by bubble coalescence in a high-amplitude acoustic field
    Cleve S, Guedra M, Inserra C, Mauger C, Blanc-Benon P
    Physical Review E, 98 , 033115, 2018
  • Transoesophageal HIFU for Cardiac Ablation : Experiments on Beating Hearts
    Greillier P, Ankou B, Bessiere F, Zorgani A, Pioche M, Kwiecinski W, Magat J, Melot-Dusseau S, Lacoste R, Quesson B, Pernot M, Catheline S, Chevalier P, Lafon C
    IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposiu - Washinghton DC - USA
    6-9 Septembre 2017
  • Accompanying the frequency shift of the nonlinear resonance of a gas bubble using a dual-frequency excitation.
    Guédra M, Inserra C, Gilles B
    Ultrason Sonochem, 38 , 298-305, 2017
  • A derivation of the stable cavitation threshold accounting for bubble-bubble interactions.
    Guédra M, Cornu C, Inserra C
    Ultrason Sonochem, 38 , 168-173, 2017
  • Ultrasonographic gastric volume before unplanned surgery.
    Dupont G, Gavory J, Lambert P, Tsekouras N, Barbe N, Presles E, Bouvet L, Molliex S
    Anaesthesia, 72(9) , 1112-1116, 2017
  • Predictive factors of maternal hypothermia during Cesarean delivery: a prospective cohort study.
    Desgranges FP, Bapteste L, Riffard C, Pop M, Cogniat B, Gagey AC, Boucher P, Bonnard C, Paturel B, Mullet C, Chassard D, Bouvet L
    Can J Anaesth, 64(9) , 919-927, 2017
  • Nonspherical oscillations of gas microbubbles: threshold, dynamics and nonlinearity
    Inserra C, Guédra M, Cleve S, Mauger C, Blanc-Benon P
    Acoustic bubbles in therapy: recent advances with medical microbubbles, clouds and harmonic antibubbles - Tours - France
    23-24 Octobre 2017
  • Quantification par IRM du volume d’ouverture de la barrière hémato-encéphalique chez l’homme
    Journée scientifique de l’EDISS - -
    12 Octobre 2017
  • Development of an Interstitial Dual-mode Ultrasound Probe for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound ablation in the context of Hepatocellular Carcinoma therapy
    Daunizeau L, Le Garrec M, N'Djin WA, Chapelon JY
    Journée scientifique EDISS - Lyon -
    12 Octobre 2017
  • Reciprocal antagonism between the netrin-1 receptor uncoordinated-phenotype-5A (UNC5A) and the hepatitis C virus.
    Plissonnier ML, Lahlali T, Raab M, Michelet M, Romero-López C, Rivoire M, Strebhardt K, Durantel D, Levrero M, Mehlen P, Zoulim F, Parent R
    Oncogene, 36(48) , 6712-6724, 2017
  • Non-invasive high-intensity focused ultrasound treatment of the placenta: a preliminary in-vivo study using a simian model.
    Caloone J, Huissoud C, Kocot A, Vincenot J, Dehay C, Dehay C, Misery P, Allias F, Rudigoz RC, Melodelima D
    Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol, 50(5) , 635- 641, 2017
  • Interstitial dual-mode ultrasound and augmented navigation for 3D guidance of conformal HIFU treatment: toward Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) treatment
    Daunizeau L, N'Djin WA, Chapelon JY
    CNIV - Paris -
    08-09 Novembre 2017
  • Ultrasound assessment of gastric contents in children undergoing elective ear, nose and throat surgery: a prospective cohort study.
    Desgranges FP, Gagey Riegel AC, Aubergy C, de Queiroz Siqueira M, Chassard D, Bouvet L
    Anaesthesia, 72(11) , 1351-1356, 2017
  • Prevalence of fecal incontinence in a cohort of systemic sclerosis patients within a regional referral network.
    Garros A, Marjoux S, Khouatra C, Coppere B, Grange C, Hot A, Roman S, Damon H, Mion F
    United European Gastroenterol J, 5(7) , 1046-1050, 2017
  • Design of ultrasonic devices for conformal therapies
    Lafon C
    Winterschool on Therapeutic Ultrasound - Les Houches - France
    27-31 Mars 2017
  • Cancer cell sonoporation in cavitation-controlled conditions
    Cornu C, Béra JC, Inserra C
    Recherche en Imagerie pour la Technologie et la Santé, RITS 2017 - Lyon - France
    27-29 Mars 2017
  • Ablation cardiaque par ultrasons focalisés de haute intensité: Première expérience chez le primate non-humain
    Greillier P, Ankou B, Bessière F, Zorgani A, Kwiecinski W, Magat J, Melot-Dusseau S, Lacoste R, Quesson B, Pernot M, Catheline S, Chevalier P, Lafon C
    RITS 2017 - Lyon - France
    27-29 Mars 2017
  • In vitro potentiation of doxorubicin by unseeded controlled stable cavitation
    Lafond M, Fant C, Ngo J, Mestas JL, Lafon C
    RITS 2017 - Lyon - France
    27-29 Mars 2017
  • Impact de la cavitation ultrasonore sur un modèle de culture 3D d’adénocarcinome pancréatique
    Mestas JL, Bordacahar B, Camus M, Lafon C, Prat F
    RITS 2017 - Lyon - France
    27-29 Mars 2017
  • Planar 64-element Capacitive Micro-machined Ultrasound Transducer annular array for tissue ablation
    Bawiec C, N'Djin WA, Bouchoux G, Sénégond N, Guillen N, Chapelon JY
    Congrès RITS - Lyon - France
    27-29 Mars 2017