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Last updated 10 March 2022

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  • Colon capsule endoscopy in clinical practice: lessons from a national 5-year observational prospective cohort.
    Benech Nicolas, Vinet Olivier, Gaudin Jean-Louis, Benamouzig Robert, Dray Xavier, Ponchon Thierry, Galmiche Jean-Paul, Sacher-Huvelin Sylvie, Samaha Elia, Saurin Jean-Christophe
    Endoscopy international open, 09(10) , E1542- E1548, 2021
  • Evidence for long-term association of virion-delivered HBV core protein with cccDNA independently of viral protein production.
    Lucifora Julie, Pastor Florentin, Charles Emilie, Pons Caroline, Auclair Heloise, Fusil Floriane, Rivoire Michel, Cosset Francois-Loic, Durantel David, Salvetti Anna
    JHEP reports : innovation in hepatology, 3(5) , 2021
  • Raising awareness to prevent, recognise and manage acute pain during caesarean delivery: The French Practice Bulletin.
    Keita Hawa, Deruelle Philippe, Bouvet Lionel, Bonnin Martine, Chassard Dominique, Bouthors Anne-Sophie, Lopard Eric, Benhamou Dan
    Anaesthesia, critical care & pain medicine, 40(5) , 2021
  • Clinical, obstetrical and anaesthesia outcomes in pregnant women during the first COVID-19 surge in France: A prospective multicentre observational cohort study.
    Keita Hawa, James Arthur, Bouvet Lionel, Herrmann Emilie, Le Gouez Agnes, Mazoit Jean-Xavier, Mercier Frederic-Jean, Benhamou Dan
    Anaesthesia, critical care & pain medicine, 40(5) , 2021
  • Curriculum for ERCP and endoscopic ultrasound training in Europe: European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE) Position Statement
    Johnson Gavin, Webster George, Boskoski Ivo, Campos Sara, Goelder Stefan Karl, Schlag Christoph, Anderloni Andrea, Arnelo Urban, Badaoui Abdenor, Bekkali Noor, Christodoulou Dimitrios, Czako Laszlo, Viesca Michael Fernandez Y, Hritz Istvan, Hucl Tomas, Kalaitzakis Evangelos, Kylanpaa Leena, Nedoluzhko Ivan, Petrone Maria Chiara, Poley Jan-Werner, Seicean Andrada, Vila Juan, Arvanitakis Marianna, Dinis-Ribeiro Mario, Ponchon Thierry, Bisschops Raf
    ENDOSCOPY, 53(10) , 1071- 1087, 2021
    Fant Cecile, Granzotto Adeline, Mestas Jean-Louis, Ngo Jacqueline, Lafond Maxime, Lafon Cyril, Foray Nicolas, Padilla Frederic
    ULTRASOUND IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY, 47(10) , 2941- 2957, 2021
  • Endoscopic submucosal dissection of Barrett's neoplasia into a stenosis: circumferential tunneling strategy with clip-and-line traction
    Ragi Olivier, Rostain Florian, Oung Borathchakra, Lambin Thomas, Bonniaud Paul, Rivory Jerome, Pioche Mathieu
    ENDOSCOPY, 53(10) , E394- E395, 2021
  • Successful closure of a rectovesical fistula after radical prostatectomy using endoscopic submucosal dissection combined with an over-the-scope clip
    Wallenhorst Timothee, Brochard Charlene, Lambin Thomas, Pagenault Mael, Siproudhis Laurent, Bouguen Guillaume, Pioche Mathieu
    ENDOSCOPY, 53(10) , E390- E391, 2021
  • Management of patients after failed peroral endoscopic myotomy: a multicenter study
    Ichkhanian Yervant, Assis Daniella, Familiari Pietro, Ujiki Michael, Su Baily, Khan Sarah R, Pioche Mathieu, Draganov Peter V, Cho Joo Young, Eleftheriadis Nikolas, Barret Maximilien, Haji Amyn, Velanovich Vic, Tantau Marcel, Marks Jeffrey M, Bapaye Amol, Sedarat Alireza, Albeniz Eduardo, Bechara Robert, Kumta Nikhil A, Costamagna Guido, Perbtani Yaseen B, Patel Mehul, Sippey Megan, Korrapati Sravan K, Jain Rishabh, Estremera Fermin, El Zein Mohamad H, Brewer Gutierrez Olaya I, Khashab Mouen A
    ENDOSCOPY, 53(10) , 1003- 1010, 2021
  • Surgical management of endometriotic women with pregnancy intention in France: A national snapshot of centers performing a high volume of endometriosis procedures.
    Netter Antoine, Dechaud Herve, Chene Gautier, Hebert Thomas, Dubernard Gil, Faller Emilie, Benichou Renaud, Chapron Charles, Canis Michel, Roman Horace
    Journal of gynecology obstetrics and human reproduction, 50(8) , 2021
  • Post-partum relapse in women with multiple sclerosis after neuraxial labour analgesia or neuraxial anaesthesia: a multicentre retrospective cohort study.
    Bouvet Lionel, Fontana Margaux, Bouthors Anne-Sophie, Bonnin Martine, Storme Brigitte, Bayoumeu Francoise, Corsia Gerard, Vukusic Sandra, Chassard Dominique
    Anaesthesia, critical care & pain medicine, 40(5) , 2021
  • Development of quality indicators for the diagnosis and management of achalasia
    Kamal Afrin N, Kathpalia Priya, Otaki Fouad, Bredenoord Albert J, Castell Donald O, Clarke John O, Falk Gary W, Fass Ronnie, Prakash Gyawali C, Kahrilas Peter J, Katz Philip O, Katzka David A, Pandolfino John E, Penagini Roberto, Richter Joel E, Roman Sabine, Savarino Edoardo, Triadafilopoulos George, Vaezi Michael F, Vela Marcelo F, Leiman David A
  • Diagnostic yield and reliability of post-prandial high-resolution manometry and impedance-ph for detecting rumination and supragastric belching in PPI non-responders
    DeLay Kelli, Pandolfino John E, Roman Sabine, Gyawali C Prakash, Savarino Edoardo, Tye Michael, Kaizer Alexander, Yadlapati Rena
  • Impact of Pulmonary Valve Replacement on Ventricular Arrhythmias in Patients With Tetralogy of Fallot and Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator.
    Bessiere Francis, Gardey Kevin, Bouzeman Abdeslam, Duthoit Guillaume, Koutbi Linda, Labombarda Fabien, Marquie Christelle, Gourraud Jean Baptiste, Mondoly Pierre, Sellal Jean Marc, Bordachar Pierre, Hermida Alexis, Anselme Frederic, Asselin Anouk, Audinet Caroline, Bernard Yvette, Boveda Serge, Chevalier Philippe, Clerici Gael, da Costa Antoine, de Guillebon Maxime, Defaye Pascal, Eschalier Romain, Garcia Rodrigue, Guenancia Charles, Guy-Moyat Benoit, Henaine Roland, Irles Didier, Iserin Laurence, Jourda Francois, Ladouceur Magalie, Lagrange Philippe, Laredo Mikael, Mansourati Jacques, Massoulie Gregoire, Mathiron Amel, Maury Philippe, Nguyen Cedric, Ninni Sandro, Perier Marie-Cecile, Pierre Bertrand, Sacher Frederic, Walton Camille, Winum Pierre, Martins Raphael, Pasquie Jean Luc, Thambo Jean Benoit, Jouven Xavier, Combes Nicolas, Di Filippo Sylvie, Marijon Eloi, Waldmann Victor
    JACC. Clinical electrophysiology, 7(10) , 1285- 1293, 2021
  • Surgical management of diaphragmatic and thoracic endometriosis': A French multicentric descriptive study.
    Wetzel Alexia, Philip Charles-Andre, Golfier Francois, Bonnot Pierre-Emmanuel, Cotte Eddy, Brichon Pierre-Yves, Darnis Benjamin, Chene Gautier, Michy Thierry, Hoffmann Pascale, Tronc Francois, Dubernard Gil
    Journal of gynecology obstetrics and human reproduction, 50(8) , 2021
  • Second primary cancers: a retrospective analysis of real world data using the enhanced medical research engine ConSoRe in a French comprehensive cancer center
    Heudel Pierre-Etienne, Fervers Beatrice, Durand Thierry, Chabaud Sylvie, Michallet Anne-Sophie, Gomez Frederic, Rivoire Michel, Bachelot Thomas, Claude Line, Chassagne-Clement Catherine, Pilleul Franck, Mognetti Thomas, Russias Bruno, Soubirou Jean-Luc, Chvetzoff Gisele, Perol David, Blay Jean-Yves
  • Salvage Robotic-assisted Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy Following Focal High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound for ISUP 2/3 Cancer EDITORIAL COMMENT
    Crouzet Sebastien, Rouviere Olivier
    UROLOGY, 156 , 153- 153, 2021
  • [Reprint of: Severe pre-eclampsia: guidelines for clinical practice from the French Society of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care (SFAR) and the French College of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians (CNGOF)].
    Bonnet Marie-Pierre, Garnier Marc, Keita Hawa, Compere Vincent, Arthuis Chloe, Raia-Barjat Tiphaine, Berveiller Paul, Burey Julien, Bouvet Lionel, Bruyere Marie, Castel Adeline, Clouqueur Elodie, Gonzalez Estevez Max, Faitot Valentina, Fischer Catherine, Fuchs Florent, Lecarpentier Edouard, Le Gouez Agnes, Rigouzzo Agnes, Rossignol Mathias, Simon Emmanuel, Vial Florence, Vivanti Alexandre J, Zieleskiewicz Laurent, Senat Marie-Victoire, Schmitz Thomas, Sentilhes Loic
    Gynecologie, obstetrique, fertilite & senologie , 2021
  • Contribution of blood detection of insulin-like growth factor binding protein-1 for the diagnosis of amniotic-fluid embolism: a retrospective multicentre cohort study
    Bouvet L, Gariel C, Charvet A, Boisson-Gaudin C, Chassard D
  • Imported malaria in metropolitan France, from recommendations to clinical practice - proposal for improvement
    Dupre A, Argy N, Houze S, Leleu A, Choquet C, Matheron S, Bleibtreu A
    INFECTIOUS DISEASES NOW, 51(8) , 667- 672, 2021
  • Impact of BRAF mutations on clinical outcomes following liver surgery for colorectal liver metastases: An updated meta-analysis
    Gau Laurence, Ribeiro Mathieu, Pereira Bruno, Poirot Karine, Dupre Aurelien, Pezet Denis, Gagniere Johan
    EJSO, 47(11) , 2722- 2733, 2021
  • Short QT interval as a harbinger of an arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy.
    Chevalier Philippe, Moreau Adrien, Richard Sylvain, Janin Alexandre, Millat Gilles, Bessiere Francis, Deliniere Antoine
    HeartRhythm case reports, 7(11) , 734- 738, 2021
  • Management of large polyps in a colorectal cancer screening program with fecal immunochemical test: a community- and population-based observational study
    Denis Bernard, Gendre Isabelle, Perrin Philippe, Tuzin Nicolas, Pioche Mathieu
    ENDOSCOPY INTERNATIONAL OPEN, 09(11) , E1649- E1657, 2021
  • Endoscopic submucosal dissection: How to be more efficient?
    Lambin Thomas, Rivory Jerome, Wallenhorst Timothee, Legros Romain, Monzy Frederic, Jacques Jeremie, Pioche Mathieu
    ENDOSCOPY INTERNATIONAL OPEN, 9(11) , E1720- E1730, 2021
  • Principles of Surgical Management of Small Intestinal NET
    Pasquer Arnaud, Walter Thomas, Milot Laurent, Hervieu Valerie, Poncet Gilles
    CANCERS, 13(21) , 2021