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Last updated 3 December 2020

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    de Mazancourt Emilien Seizilles, Badet Lionel, Codas Ricardo, Matillon Xavier, Hostiou Thomas, Crouzet Sebastien
    Annual Meeting of the American-Urological-Association (AUA) - Washington, DC -
    15-18, MAY 2020
    Philip Charles-Andre, Prouvot Catherine, Cortet Marion, Bisch Christian, de Saint-Hilaire Pierre, Maissiat Emmanuelle, Huissoud Cyril, Dubernard Gil
    ULTRASOUND IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY, 46(2) , 225- 232, 2020
  • Evaluation of NovaSure global endometrial ablation in symptomatic adenomyosis: A longitudinal study with a 36 month follow-up.
    Philip Charles-Andre, Le Mitouard Marine, Maillet Laurine, de Saint-Hilaire Pierre, Huissoud Cyril, Cortet Marion, Dubernard Gil
    Eur. J. Obstet. Gynecol. Reprod. Biol., 227 , 46- 51, 2020
  • Management of endometriosis: CNGOF/HAS clinical practice guidelines - Short version.
    Collinet P, Fritel X, Revel-Delhom C, Ballester M, Bolze P A, Borghese B, Bornsztein N, Boujenah J, Brillac T, Chabbert-Buffet N, Chauffour C, Clary N, Cohen J, Decanter C, Denouel A, Dubernard G, Fauconnier A, Fernandez H, Gauthier T, Golfier F, Huchon C, Legendre G, Loriau J, Mathieu-d'Argent E, Merlot B, Niro J, Panel P, Paparel P, Philip C A, Ploteau S, Poncelet C, Rabischong B, Roman H, Rubod C, Santulli P, Sauvan M, Thomassin-Naggara I, Torre A, Wattier J M, Yazbeck C, Bourdel N, Canis M
    J Gynecol Obstet Hum Reprod, 47(7) , 265- 274, 2020
  • Fetal heart rate analysis: Evaluation of an in situ training program on cardiotocography interpretation during labor in the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region (France)
    Froc E, Philip C-A, Rudigoz R-C, Huissoud C, Cortet M, Dupont C
  • Fertility and prognosis of borderline ovarian tumor after conservative management: Results of the multicentric OPTIBOT study by the GINECO & TMRG group
    Chevrot Audrey, Pouget Nicolas, Bats Anne-Sophie, Huchon Cyrille, Guyon Frederic, Chopin Nicolas, Rousset-Jablonski Christine, Beurrier Frederic, Lambaudie Eric, Provansal Magali, Sabatier Renaud, Heinemann Mellie, Ngo Charlotte, Bonsang-Kitzis Helene, Lecuru Fabrice, Bailly Emmanuel, Ferron Gwenael, Cornou Caroline, Lardin Elise, Leblanc Eric, Philip Charles-Andre, Ray-Coquard Isabelle, Hequet Delphine
    GYNECOLOGIC ONCOLOGY, 157(1) , 29- 35, 2020
  • Salvage high-intensity focused ultrasound for locally recurrent prostate cancer after low-dose-rate brachytherapy: oncological and functional outcomes.
    Hostiou Thomas, Gelet Albert, Chapelon Jean-Yves, Rouviere Olivier, Mege-Lechevalier Florence, Lafon Cyril, Tonoli-Catez Helene, Badet Lionel, Crouzet Sebastien
    BJU Int., 124(5) , 746- 757, 2020
  • Virtual cystoscopy and colonoscopy to assess deep infiltrating endometriosis
    Rault Emmanuel, Philip Charles-Andre, Cortet Marion, Dubernard Gil
  • Comparison of three-dimensional rectosonography, rectal endoscopic sonography and magnetic resonance imaging performances in the diagnosis of rectosigmoid endometriosis.
    Sandre Amelie, Philip Charles-Andre, De-Saint-Hilaire Pierre, Maissiat Emmanuelle, Bailly Francois, Cortet Marion, Dubernard Gil
    Eur. J. Obstet. Gynecol. Reprod. Biol., 240 , 288- 292, 2020
  • Fully covered self-expanding metal stents for benign biliary stricture after orthotopic liver transplant: 5-year outcomes.
    Poley Jan-Werner, Ponchon Thierry, Puespoek Andreas, Bruno Marco, Roy Andre, Peetermans Joyce, Rousseau Matthew, Lepilliez Vincent, Dolak Werner, Tringali Andrea, Blero Daniel, Carr-Locke David, Costamagna Guido, Deviere Jacques
    Gastrointestinal endoscopy , 2020
  • Assessment of QT Intervals in a Case Series of Patients With Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Infection Treated With Hydroxychloroquine Alone or in Combination With Azithromycin in an Intensive Care Unit.
    Bessiere Francis, Roccia Hugo, Deliniere Antoine, Charriere Rome, Chevalier Philippe, Argaud Laurent, Cour Martin
    JAMA cardiology , 2020
  • Efficacy and safety of sacral nerve modulation for faecal incontinence after pelvic radiotherapy.
    Mege Diane, Meurette Guillaume, Trilling Bertrand, Lehur Paul-Antoine, Wyart Vincent, Bridoux Valerie, Damon Henri, Lambrescak Elsa, Faucheron Jean-Luc, Sielezneff Igor, Mion Francois, Etienney Isabelle, Leroi Anne-Marie, Siproudhis Laurent, Brochard Charlene
    Radiotherapy and oncology : journal of the European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology, 146 , 167- 171, 2020
  • Investigation of the tumoricidal effects of sonodynamic therapy in malignant glioblastoma brain tumors.
    Sheehan Kimball, Sheehan Darrah, Sulaiman Mohanad, Padilla Frederic, Moore David, Sheehan Jason, Xu Zhiyuan
    Journal of neuro-oncology, 148(1) , 9- 16, 2020
  • Safety of endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography in the pediatric population: a multicenter study.
    Mercier Clemence, Pioche Mathieu, Albuisson Eliane, Ponchon Thierry, Gonzalez Jean-Michel, Barthet Marc, Boytchev Isabelle, Vanbiervliet Geoffroy, Fortier Beaulieu Clement, Prat Frederic, Belle Arthur, Branche Julien, Grandval Phillipe, Valats Jean-Christophe, Rudler Franz, Wallenhorst Timothee, Koch Stephane, Comte Aurelie, Williet Nicolas, Musquer Nicolas, Coron Emmanuel, Derosiere Aline, Le Mouel Jean-Phillippe, Schaefer Marion, Chabot Caroline, Scheers Isabelle, Deprez Pierre H, Chevaux Jean-Baptiste
    Endoscopy , 2020
  • Endobronchial seeding of hepatocellular carcinoma.
    Dumortier Jerome, Geriniere Laurence, Atayi Estelle, Milot Laurent
    Digestive and liver disease : official journal of the Italian Society of Gastroenterology and the Italian Association for the Study of the Liver , 2020
  • Antiviral activity of PLK1-targeting siRNA delivered by lipid nanoparticles in HBV-infected hepatocytes.
    Foca Adrien, Dhillon Ammen, Lahlali Thomas, Lucifora Julie, Salvetti Anna, Rivoire Michel, Lee Amy, Durantel David
    Antiviral therapy , 2020
  • Coagulation changes and thromboembolic risk in COVID-19 obstetric patients
    Benhamou Dan, Keita Hawa, Ducloy-Bouthors Anne Sophie, Bonnet Marie Pierre, Bonnin Martine, Bouthors Anne Sophie, Bouvet Lionel, Castel Adeline, Chassard Dominique, Dewandre Pierre Yves, Fisher Catherine, Julliac Benjamin, Mercier Frederic J, Morau Estelle, Rackelboom Thibault, Vial Florence, Wernet Anne
  • ESGE and ESGENA Position Statement on gastrointestinal endoscopy and the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Gralnek Ian M, Hassan Cesare, Beilenhoff Ulrike, Antonelli Giulio, Ebigbo Alanna, Pellise Maria, Arvanitakis Marianna, Bhandari Pradeep, Bisschops Raf, Van Hooft Jeanin E, Kaminski Michal F, Triantafyllou Konstantinos, Webster George, Pohl Heiko, Dunkley Irene, Fehrke Bjoern, Gazic Mario, Gjergek Tatjana, Maasen Siiri, Waagenes Wendy, de Pater Marjon, Ponchon Thierry, Siersema Peter D, Messmann Helmut, Dinis-Ribeiro Mario
    Endoscopy, 52(6) , 483- 490, 2020
  • Digestive findings that do not require endoscopic surveillance - Reducing the burden of care: European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE) Position Statement.
    Rodriguez-de-Santiago Enrique, Frazzoni Leonardo, Fuccio Lorenzo, van Hooft Jeanin E, Ponchon Thierry, Hassan Cesare, Dinis-Ribeiro Mario
    Endoscopy, 52(6) , 491- 497, 2020
  • Risk of neoplastic change in large gastric hyperplastic polyps and recurrence after endoscopic resection.
    Forte Emmanuel, Petit Berenice, Walter Thomas, Lepilliez Vincent, Vanbiervliet Geoffroy, Rostain Florian, Barsic Neven, Albeniz Eduardo, Gonzalez Gete Gonzalo, Marin Gabriel Jose Carlos, Cuadrado-Tiemblo Cristina, Ratone Jean-Philippe, Jacques Jeremie, Wallenhorst Timothee, Subtil Fabien, Albouys Jeremie, Giovannini Marc, Chaussade Stanislas, Landel Verena, Ponchon Thierry, Saurin Jean-Christophe, Barret Maximilien, Pioche Mathieu
    Endoscopy, 52(6) , 444- 453, 2020
  • Anaesthesia and intensive care in obstetrics during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Morau Estelle, Bouvet Lionel, Keita Hawa, Vial Florence, Bonnet Marie Pierre, Bonnin Martine, Le Gouez Agnes, Chassard Dominique, Mercier Frederic J, Benhamou Dan, Bouthors Anne Sophie, Castel Adeline, Dewandre Pierre Yves, Fisher Catherine, Julliac Benjamin, Rackelboom Thibault, Wernet Anne
    Anaesthesia, critical care & pain medicine, 39(3) , 345- 349, 2020
  • Morbidity, perioperative outcomes and complications of robot-assisted radical prostatectomy in kidney transplant patients: A French multicentre study.
    Felber Margaux, Drouin Sarah J, Grande Pietro, Vaessen Christophe, Parra Jerome, Barrou Benoit, Matillon Xavier, Crouzet Sebastien, Leclerc Quentin, Rigaud Jerome, Prudhomme Thomas, Doumerc Nicolas, Bergerat Sebastien, Lang Herve, Laine Charles, Robert Gregoire, Gobert Aurelien, Granger Benjamin, Roupret Morgan
    Urologic oncology, 38(6) , 2020
  • 20-year assessment of metastatic latency and subsequent time to death after proton therapy for uveal melanomas.
    Bellocq David, Roy Pascal, Kodjikian Laurent, Mathis Thibaud, Nguyen Anh-Minh, Herault Joel, Rivoire Michel, Negrier Sylvie, Thariat Juliette, Grange Jean-Daniel
    Melanoma Res., 30(3) , 272- 278, 2020
  • Use of the Functional Lumen Imaging Probe in Clinical Esophagology.
    Savarino Edoardo, di Pietro Massimiliano, Bredenoord Albert J, Carlson Dustin A, Clarke John O, Khan Abraham, Vela Marcelo F, Yadlapati Rena, Pohl Daniel, Pandolfino John E, Roman Sabine, Gyawali C Prakash
    The American journal of gastroenterology , 2020
  • Ten-year Evaluation of a Large Retrospective Cohort Treated by Sacral Nerve Modulation for Fecal Incontinence: Results of a French Multicenter Study.
    Desprez Charlotte, Damon Henri, Meurette Guillaume, Mege Diane, Faucheron Jean-Luc, Brochard Charlene, Lambrescak Elsa, Gourcerol Guillaume, Mion Francois, Wyart Vincent, Sielezneff Igor, Siproudhis Laurent, Etienney Isabelle, Ajamie Nadine, Lehur Paul-Antoine, Duflot Thomas, Bridoux Valerie, Leroi Anne-Marie
    Annals of surgery , 2020