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Last updated 10 March 2022

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  • Can Thoracic Ultrasound on Admission Predict the Outcome of Critically Ill Patients with SARS-CoV-2? A French Multi-Centric Ancillary Retrospective Study
    Duclos Gary, Bazalguette Florian, Allaouchiche Bernard, Mohammedi Neyla, Lopez Alexandre, Gazon Mathieu, Besch Guillaume, Bouvet Lionel, Muller Laurent, Mathon Gauthier, Arbelot Charlotte, Boucekine Mohamed, Leone Marc, Zieleskiewicz Laurent
    ADVANCES IN THERAPY, 38(5) , 2599- 2612, 2021
  • Rhythmic Abilities of Children With Hearing Loss
    Hidalgo Celine, Zecri Annabelle, Pesnot-Lerousseau Jacques, Truy Eric, Roman Stephane, Falk Simone, Dalla Bella Simone, Schon Daniele
    EAR AND HEARING, 42(2) , 364- 372, 2021
  • Novel G1481V and Q1491H SCN5A Mutations Linked to Long QT Syndrome Destabilize the Nav1.5 Inactivation State.
    Plumereau Quentin, Theriault Olivier, Pouliot Valerie, Moreau Adrien, Morel Elodie, Fressart Veronique, Denjoy Isabelle, Deliniere Antoine, Bessiere Francis, Chevalier Philippe, Gamal El-Din Tamer M, Chahine Mohamed
    CJC open, 3(3) , 256- 266, 2021
  • Double-clip traction could be superior to the pocket-creation method with cylindrical cap for colonic ESD: a randomized study in an ex vivo model
    Albouys Jeremie, Dahan Martin, Lepetit Hugo, Charissoux Aurelie, Guyot Anne, Pioche Mathieu, Legros Romain, Carrier Paul, Loustaud-Ratti Veronique, Geyl Sophie, Jacques Jeremie
  • Validation of the French version of the esophageal hypervigilance and anxiety scale
    Roman Sabine, Guadagnoli Livia Anna, Hastier Audrey, Becam Estelle, Craven Meredith Ruth Ann, Napoleon Marie, Pandolfino John E, Carlson Dustin A, Mion Francois, Taft Tiffany
  • A case of acute pancreatitis after intrapyloric botulinum toxin injection to treat gastroparesis
    Lenz Jamila, Rault Berenice, Roman Sabine, Pioche Mathieu, Mion Francois
  • Breast cancer molecular subtypes: What is at stake to improve breast cancer screening in France
    Cortet Marion
    IMAGERIE DE LA FEMME, 31(1) , 6- 12, 2021
  • Deciphering DSC2 arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy electrical instability: From ion channels to ECG and tailored drug therapy
    Moreau Adrien, Reisqs Jean-Baptiste, Delanoe-Ayari Helene, Pierre Marion, Janin Alexandre, Deliniere Antoine, Bessiere Francis, Meli Albano C, Charrabi Azzouz, Lafont Estele, Valla Camille, Bauer Delphine, Morel Elodie, Gache Vincent, Millat Gilles, Nissan Xavier, Faucherre Adele, Jopling Chris, Richard Sylvain, Mejat Alexandre, Chevalier Philippe
    Lafond Maxime, Salido Nuria G, Haworth Kevin J, Hannah Alexander S, Macke Gregory P, Genstler Curtis, Holland Christy K
    ULTRASOUND IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY, 47(3) , 693- 709, 2021
  • Evaluation of Oncological Outcomes and Data Quality in Studies Assessing Nerve-sparing Versus Non-Nerve-sparing Radical Prostatectomy in Nonmetastatic Prostate Cancer: A Systematic Review.
    Moris Lisa, Gandaglia Giorgio, Vilaseca Antoni, Van den Broeck Thomas, Briers Erik, De Santis Maria, Gillessen Silke, Grivas Nikos, O'Hanlon Shane, Henry Ann, Lam Thomas B, Lardas Michael, Mason Malcolm, Oprea-Lager Daniela, Ploussard Guillaume, Rouviere Olivier, Schoots Ivo G, van der Poel Henk, Wiegel Thomas, Willemse Peter-Paul, Yuan Cathy Y, Grummet Jeremy P, Tilki Derya, van den Bergh Roderick C N, Cornford Philip, Mottet Nicolas
    European urology focus , 2021
  • VP1-2021: Efficacy of everolimus in patients with HRD+/HER2- high risk early stage breast cancer (vol 32, pg 574, 2021)
    Bachelot T, Dalenc F, Chabaud S, Cottu P, Allouache D, Brain E, Jacquin J -P, Grenier J, Bouvet L Venat, Brunt M, Campone M, Del Piano F, Debled M, Bessard A -C Hardy, Giacchetti S, Bliss J, Canon J -L, Lemonnier J, Cameron D, Andre F
    ANNALS OF ONCOLOGY, 32(6) , 820- 820, 2021
  • The first Hubble diagram and cosmological constraints using superluminous supernovae
    Inserra C, Sullivan M, Angus C R, Macaulay E, Nichol R C, Smith M, Frohmaier C, Gutierrez C P, Vicenzi M, Moller A, Brout D, Brown P J, Davis T M, D'Andrea C B, Galbany L, Kessler R, Kim A G, Pan Y-C, Pursiainen M, Scolnic D, Thomas B P, Wiseman P, Abbott T M C, Annis J, Avila S, Bertin E, Brooks D, Burke D L, Carnero Rosell A, Kind M Carrasco, Carretero J, Castander F J, Cawthon R, Desai S, Diehl H T, Eifler T F, Finley D A, Flaugher B, Fosalba P, Frieman J, Garcia-Bellido J, Gaztanaga E, Gerdes D W, Giannantonio T, Gruen D, Gruendl R A, Gschwend J, Gutierrez G, Hollowood D L, Honscheid K, James D J, Krause E, Kuehn K, Kuropatkin N, Li T S, Lidman C, Lima M, Maia M A G, Marshall J L, Martini P, Menanteau F, Miquel R, Malagon A A Plazas, Romer A K, Roodman A, Sako M, Sanchez E, Scarpine V, Schubnell M, Serrano S, Sevilla-Noarbe I, Soares-Santos M, Sobreira F, Suchyta E, Swanson M E C, Tarle G, Thomas D, Tucker D L, Vikram V, Walker A R, Zhang Y, Asorey J, Calcino J, Carollo D, Glazebrook K, Hinton S R, Hoormann J K, Lewis G F, Sharp R, Swann E, Tucker B E
  • Evaluation of oncological outcomes and data quality in studies assessing nerve sparing versus non-nerve sparing radical prostatectomy in non-metastatic prostate cancer: A systematic review
    Moris L, Gandaglia G, Vilaseca A, Van den Broeck T, Briers E, De Santis M, Gillessen S, Grivas N, Henry A, Lam T B, Lardas M, Mason M, Oprea-Lager D, Ploussard G, Rouviere O, Schoots I G, Van der Poel H, Wiegel T, Willemse P-P, Grummet J P, Tilke D, Van den Bergh R C N, Cornford P, Mottet N
    EUROPEAN UROLOGY, 79 , S426- S427, 2021
  • A systematic review on the impact of surgeon and hospital caseload volume on oncological and non-oncological outcomes after radical prostatectomy for non-metastatic prostate cancer
    Van den Broeck T, Oprea-Lager D, Moris L, Kailavasan M, Briers E, Cornford P, De Santis M, Gandaglia G, Sommer Gillessen S, Grummet J P, Grivas N, Lam T B, Lardas M, Liew M, Mason M, O'Hanlon S, Ploussard G, Rouviere O, Schoots I, Tilki D, Van den Bergh R C N, Van der Poel H, Wiegel T, Willemse P, Mottet N
    EUROPEAN UROLOGY, 79 , S471- S472, 2021
  • Focal HIFU treatment of radiorecurrent localized prostate cancer: Long term results
    Crouzet S, Pasticier G, Baco E, Rouviere O, Badet L, Gelet A
    EUROPEAN UROLOGY, 79 , S1692- S1692, 2021
    Crouzet S, Gelet A, Hostiou T, Rouviere O, Badet L, Regusci S, Martins M
    JOURNAL OF UROLOGY, 79 , S1493- S1493, 2021
  • Endoscopic necrosectomy using electric conductivity: anchoring the snare tip into a groove made with Endocut may improve necrosis grasping
    Delmeule Alexiane, Jacques Jeremie, Lambin Thomas, Moll Frederic, Lupu Alexandru, Brahmia Sanaa, Pioche Mathieu
    ENDOSCOPY, 53(06) , E234- E235, 2021
  • Endoscopic characterization of rectal neuroendocrine tumors with virtual chromoendoscopy: differences between benign and malignant lesions
    Veyre Florian, Lambin Thomas, Fine Caroline, Fenouil Tanguy, Rostain Florian, Walter Thomas, Pioche Mathieu
    ENDOSCOPY, 53(06) , E215- E216, 2021
  • Investigation of the Tumoricidal Effects of Sonodynamic Therapy in Malignant Glioblastoma Brain Tumor Models
    Sheehan Jason P, Sheehan Kimball, Sheehan Darrah, Sulaiman Mohanad, Padilla Frederic, Moore David, Xu Zhiyuan
    NEUROSURGERY, 67 , 281- 281, 2021
  • Methods and Designs of Modern Breast Cancer Confirmatory Trials
    Peron Julien, Reverdy Thibaut, Smenteck Colette, Cortet Marion, You Benoit, Freyer Gilles
    CANCERS, 13(11) , 2021
  • International Multi-Site Initiative to Develop an MRI-Inclusive Nomogram for Side-Specific Prediction of Extraprostatic Extension of Prostate Cancer
    Wibmer Andreas G, Kattan Michael W, Alessandrino Francesco, Baur Alexander D J, Boesen Lars, Franco Felipe Boschini, Bonekamp David, Campa Riccardo, Cash Hannes, Catala Violeta, Crouzet Sebastien, Dinnoo Sounil, Eastham James, Fennessy Fiona M, Ghabili Kamyar, Hohenfellner Markus, Levi Angelique W, Ji Xinge, Logager Vibeke, Margolis Daniel J, Moldovan Paul C, Panebianco Valeria, Penzkofer Tobias, Puech Philippe, Radtke Jan Philipp, Rouviere Olivier, Schlemmer Heinz-Peter, Sprenkle Preston C, Tempany Clare M, Vilanova Joan C, Weinreb Jeffrey, Hricak Hedvig, Shukla-Dave Amita
    CANCERS, 13(11) , 2021
  • A Systematic Review of Focal Ablative Therapy for Clinically Localised Prostate Cancer in Comparison with Standard Management Options: Limitations of the Available Evidence and Recommendations for Clinical Practice and Further Research
    Bates Anthony S, Ayers Jennifer, Kostakopoulos Nikolaos, Lumsden Thomas, Schoots Ivo G, Willemse Peter-Paul M, Yuan Yuhong, van den Bergh Roderick C N, Grummet Jeremy P, van der Poel Henk G, Rouviere Olivier, Moris Lisa, Cumberbatch Marcus G, Lardas Michael, Liew Matthew, Van den Broeck Thomas, Gandaglia Giorgio, Fossati Nicola, Briers Erik, De Santis Maria, Fanti Stefano, Gillessen Silke, Oprea-Lager Daniela E, Ploussard Guillaume, Henry Ann M, Tilki Derya, van der Kwast Theodorus H, Wiegel Thomas, N'Dow James, Mason Malcolm D, Cornford Philip, Mottet Nicolas, Lam Thomas B L
    EUROPEAN UROLOGY ONCOLOGY, 4(3) , 405- 423, 2021
  • Endoscopic radiofrequency ablation or surveillance in patients with Barrett's oesophagus with confirmed low-grade dysplasia: a multicentre randomised trial
    Barret Maximilien, Pioche Mathieu, Terris Benoit, Ponchon Thierry, Cholet Franck, Zerbib Frank, Chabrun Edouard, Le Rhun Marc, Coron Emmanuel, Giovannini Marc, Caillol Fabrice, Laugier Rene, Jacques Jeremie, Legros Romain, Boustiere Christian, Rahmi Gabriel, Metivier-Cesbron Elodie, Vanbiervliet Geoffroy, Bauret Paul, Escourrou Jean, Branche Julien, Jilet Lea, Abdoul Hendy, Kaddour Nadira, Leblanc Sarah, Bensoussan Michael, Prat Frederic, Chaussade Stanislas
    GUT, 70(6) , 1014- 1022, 2021
  • Endoscopic resection of multiple large gastric polyps
    Pioche Mathieu
    ENDOSCOPY, 53(06) , 661- 661, 2021
  • Value of a patient-reported-outcome measure of carcinoid syndrome symptoms
    Maurel Juliette, Guimbaud Rosine, Lecomte Thierry, Lievre Astrid, Hautefeuille Vincent, Robinson Philip, Francois Laurent, Lombard-Bohas Catherine, Forestier Julien, Milot Laurent, Subtil Fabien, Walter Thomas
    EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ENDOCRINOLOGY, 184(6) , 711- 722, 2021