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Last updated 2 May 2022

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  • Surgery or not on an atypical breast lesion? Taking anxiety into account in shared decision support from a prospective cohort of 300 patients
    Favier A, Boinon D, Salviat F, Mazouni C, De Korvin B, Tunon C, Salomon A- V, Doutriaux-Dumoulin I, Vaysse C, Marchal F, Boulanger L, Chabbert-Buffet N, Zilberman S, Coutant C, Espie M, Cortet M, Boussion V, Cohen M, Fermeaux V, Mathelin C, Michiels S, Delaloge S, Uzan C, Charles C
  • The COlorectal NEoplasia Endoscopic Classification to Choose the Treatment classification for identification of large laterally spreading lesions lacking submucosal carcinomas: A prospective study of 663 lesions
    Brule Clementine, Pioche Mathieu, Albouys Jeremie, Rivory Jerome, Geyl Sophie, Legros Romain, Rostain Florian, Dahan Martin, Lepetit Hugo, Sautereau Denis, Ponchon Thierry, Auditeau Emilie, Jacques Jeremie
  • Detection of ISUP >= 2 prostate cancers using multiparametric MRI: prospective multicentre assessment of the non-inferiority of an artificial intelligence system as compared to the PI-RADS V.2.1 score (CHANGE study)
    Rouviere Olivier, Souchon Remi, Lartizien Carole, Mansuy Adeline, Magaud Laurent, Colom Matthieu, Dubreuil-Chambardel Marine, Debeer Sabine, Jaouen Tristan, Duran Audrey, Rippert Pascal, Riche Benjamin, Monini Caterina, Vlaeminck-Guillem Virginie, Haesebaert Julie, Rabilloud Muriel, Crouzet Sebastien
    BMJ OPEN, 12(2) , 2022
  • Episode-level reflux characteristics: How experienced reviewers differentiate true reflux from artifact on pH-impedance studies
    Rogers Barrett, Rogers Benjamin, Frazzoni Marzio, Savarino Edoardo, Roman Sabine, Sifrim Daniel, Gyawali C Prakash
  • Ileoileal intussusception treated by polypectomy with spiral enteroscopy in Peutz-Jeghers syndrome
    Lafeuille Pierre, Calavas Laura, Ragi Olivier, Lambin Thomas, Pioche Mathieu, Saurin Jean-Christophe
    ENDOSCOPY, 54(02) , E57- E58, 2022
  • Balancing the benefits and harms of MRI-directed biopsy pathways COMMENT
    Padhani Anwar R, Haider Masoom A, Rouviere Olivier
    EUROPEAN RADIOLOGY, 32(4) , 2326- 2329, 2022
  • Pregnancy and Labor Epidural Effects on Gastric Emptying: A Prospective Comparative Study
    Bouvet Lionel, Schulz Thomas, Piana Federica, Desgranges Francois-Pierrick, Chassard Dominique
    ANESTHESIOLOGY, 136(4) , 542- 550, 2022
  • Ten-year Evaluation of a Large Retrospective Cohort Treated by Sacral Nerve Modulation for Fecal Incontinence: Results of a French Multicenter Study.
    Desprez Charlotte, Damon Henri, Meurette Guillaume, Mege Diane, Faucheron Jean-Luc, Brochard Charlene, Lambrescak Elsa, Gourcerol Guillaume, Mion Francois, Wyart Vincent, Sielezneff Igor, Siproudhis Laurent, Etienney Isabelle, Ajamie Nadine, Lehur Paul-Antoine, Duflot Thomas, Bridoux Valerie, Leroi Anne-Marie
    Annals of surgery, 275(4) , 735- 742, 2022
  • Esophageal lumen recreated with a self-expanding metal stent in a deep submucosal tunnel: a successful way to treat a refractory stricture
    Dellestable Caroline, Lambin Thomas, Rivory Jerome, Saurin Jean-Christophe, Jacques Jeremie, Ponchon Thierry, Pioche Mathieu
    ENDOSCOPY, 54(04) , E139- E140, 2022
  • Validation in French of the Brief Esophageal Dysphagia Questionnaire in Patients Referred For Esophageal Manometry
    Roman Sabine, Guadagnoli Livia Anna, Hastier Audrey, Becam Estelle, Craven Meredith Ruth Ann, Pandolfino John E, Napoleon Marie, Carlson Dustin A, Mion Francois, Taft Tiffany
    DYSPHAGIA, 37(2) , 392- 398, 2022
  • Proof of Concept: Protein Delivery into Human Erythrocytes Using Stable Cavitation
    Chettab Kamel, Matera Eva-Laure, Lafond Maxime, Coralie Durieux, Favin-Leveque Camille, Goy Clemence, Strakhova Regina, Mestas Jean-Louis, Lafon Cyril, Dumontet Charles
    Mol. Pharmaceutics, 19(3) , 929- 935, 2022
  • Prognostic factors of BRAF V600E colorectal cancer with liver metastases: a retrospective multicentric study
    Javed Sahir, Benoist Stephane, Devos Patrick, Truant Stephanie, Guimbaud Rosine, Lievre Astrid, Sefrioui David, Cohen Romain, Artru Pascal, Dupre Aurelien, Bachet Jean-Baptiste, de la Fouchardiere Christelle, Ploquin Anne, Turpin Anthony
  • Chemotherapy (doublet or triplet) plus targeted therapy by RAS status as conversion therapy in colorectal cancer patients with initially unresectable liver-only metastases. The UNICANCER PRODIGE-14 randomised clinical trial
    Ychou Marc, Rivoire Michel, Thezenas Simon, Guimbaud Rosine, Ghiringhelli Francois, Mercier-Blas Anne, Mineur Laurent, Francois Eric, Khemissa Faiza, Chauvenet Marion, Kianmanesh Reza, Fonck Marianne, Houyau Philippe, Aparicio Thomas, Galais Marie-Pierre, Audemar Franck, Assenat Eric, Lopez-Crapez Evelyne, Jouffroy Claire, Adenis Antoine, Adam Rene, Bouche Olivier
    BRITISH JOURNAL OF CANCER, 126(9) , 1264- 1270, 2022
  • Clinical outcome of non-curative endoscopic submucosal dissection for early colorectal cancer
    Spadaccini Marco, Bourke Michael J, Maselli Roberta, Pioche Mathieu, Bhandari Pradeep, Jacques Jeremie, Haji Amyn, Yang Dennis, Albeniz Eduardo, Kaminski Michal Filip, Messmann Helmut, de Tejada Alberto Herreros, Sferrazza Sandro, Pekarek Boris, Rivory Jerome, Geyl Sophie, Gulati Shraddha, Draganov Peter, Shahidi Neal, Hossain Ejaz, Fleischmann Carola, Vespa Edoardo, Iannone Andrea, Alkandari Asma, Hassan Cesare, Repici Alessandro
    GUT , 2022
  • Flat colorectal adenocarcinoma: a worrisome false negative of artificial intelligence-assisted colonoscopy
    Lafeuille Pierre, Yzet Clara, Rivory Jerome, Pontarollo Guillaume, Latif El Houcine, Bartoli Adrien, Pioche Mathieu
    ENDOSCOPY , 2022
  • Polycystic liver: automatic segmentation using deep learning on CT is faster and as accurate compared to manual segmentation
    Cayot Benedicte, Milot Laurent, Nempont Olivier, Vlachomitrou Anna S, Langlois-Jacques Carole, Dumortier Jerome, Boillot Olivier, Arnaud Karine, Barten Thijs R M, Drenth Joost P H, Valette Pierre-Jean
  • A 3D-printed innovative pedal fixator for connecting different pedal-operated tools to improve work ergonomics during advanced diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures
    Yzet Clara, Rivory Jerome, Mochet Mikael, Virely Melia, Leplat-Bonnevialle Peggy, Jacques Jeremie, Pioche Mathieu
    ENDOSCOPY , 2022
  • Clip-induced esophageal perforation during endoscopic submucosal dissection: the perfect is the enemy of the good!
    Geyl Sophie, Olivier Raphael, Pioche Mathieu, Dahan Martin, Legros Romain, Albouys Jeremie, Jacques Jeremie
    ENDOSCOPY , 2022
  • Is endoscopic mucosal resection optimum for treating colonic angiodysplasia?
    Geyl Sophie, Albouys Jeremie, Schaefer Marion, Lepetit Hugo, Legros Romain, Pioche Mathieu, Jacques Jeremie
    ENDOSCOPY , 2022
  • An unusual cause of abdominal obstruction in a 10-year-old boy successfully treated by endoscopy
    Heroin Lucile, Lafeuille Pierre, Rossignol Guillaume, Heissat Sophie, Dubois Remi, Rivory Jerome, Pioche Mathieu
    ENDOSCOPY , 2022
  • Ultrasound assessment of gastric contents in children before general anaesthesia for acute appendicitis
    Evain J-N, Allain T, Dilworth K, Bertrand B, Rabattu P-Y, Mortamet G, Desgranges F-P, Bouvet L, Payen J-F
    ANAESTHESIA , 2022
  • Zenker's diverticulum peroral endoscopic myotomy is effective in the case of an incipient Zenker's diverticulum
    Lupu Alexandru, Yzet Clara, Lafeuille Pierre, Masgnaux Louis-Jean, Lambin Thomas, Rivory Jerome, Pioche Mathieu
    ENDOSCOPY , 2022
  • Reverse tensor fascia latae perforator flap for reconstruction of knee defect: Anatomic study by computed tomographic angiography and a case report
    Boucher Fabien, Abihannah Michel, Chauvel-Picard Julie, Mojallal Ali A, Rouviere Olivier, Brosset Sophie
  • Endoscopic ultrasound and endoscopic submucosal dissection with a multitraction device for a colonic submucosal lesion
    Heroin Lucile, Lafeuille Pierre, Fenouil Tanguy, Pioche Mathieu, Rivory Jerome, Yzet Clara, Lupu Alexandru
    ENDOSCOPY , 2022
  • To an ecological endoscopic submucosal dissection: tips and tricks to reduce waste
    Yzet Clara, Benech Nicolas, Lafeuille Pierre, Lambin Thomas, Rivory Jerome, Pioche Mathieu
    ENDOSCOPY , 2022