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  • Anal sphincter function as assessed by 3D high definition anorectal manometry.
    Mion F, Garros A, Subtil F, Damon H, Roman S
    Clin Res Hepatol Gastroenterol, 42(4) , 378-381, 2018
  • Curriculum for neurogastroenterology and motility training: A report from the joint ANMS-ESNM task force.
    Gyawali CP, Savarino E, Lazarescu A, Bor S, Patel A, Dickman R, Pressman A, Drewes AM, Rosen J, Drug V, Saps M, Novais L, Vazquez-Roque M, Pohl D, van Tilburg MAL, Smout A, Yoon S, Pandolfino J, Farrugia G, Barbara G, Roman S
    Neurogastroenterol. Motil., 30(9) , e13341, 2018
  • Clinical measurement of gastrointestinal motility and function: who, when and which test?
    Fox MR, Kahrilas PJ, Roman S, Gyawali CP, Scott SM, Rao SS, Keller J, Camilleri M, International Working Group for Disorders of Gastrointestinal Motility and Function
    Nat Rev Gastroenterol Hepatol, 15(9) , 568-579, 2018
  • Effect of Endocuff-assisted colonoscopy on adenoma detection rate: meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.
    Williet N, Tournier Q, Vernet C, Dumas O, Rinaldi L, Roblin X, Phelip JM, Pioche M
    Endoscopy, 50(9) , 846-860, 2018
  • Endoscopic ultrasound-guided detection and internal drainage of a closed gastro-cutaneous fistula after bariatric surgery.
    Lippai D, Lupu A, Rostain F, Rivory J, Robert M, Ponchon T, Pioche M
    Endoscopy, 50(9) , E248-E249, 2018
  • Endoscopic submucosal dissection with triangulated traction with clip and rubber band: the "wallet" strategy.
    Lupu A, Jacques J, Rivory J, Rostain F, Pontette F, Ponchon T, Pioche M
    Endoscopy, 50(9) , E256-E258, 2018
  • Narrow-band imaging detects synchronous oropharyngeal squamous carcinoma during treatment of an early esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.
    Katzarov A, Lupu A, Jacques J, Rivory J, Rostain F, Walter T, Pioche M
    Endoscopy, 50(9) , E264-E266, 2018
  • Pitfalls in interpreting positive and negative predictive values: Application to prostate multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging.
    Rouvière O, Souchon R, Melodelima C
    Diagn Interv Imaging, 99(9) , 515-518, 2018
  • MRI and MRI-targeted biopsy take precedence over systematic biopsy in primary prostate cancer diagnosis.
    Schoots IG, Rouvière O
    BMJ Evid Based Med , 2018
  • 20-year assessment of metastatic latency and subsequent time to death after proton therapy for uveal melanomas.
    Bellocq D, Roy P, Kodjikian L, Mathis T, Nguyen AM, Herault J, Rivoire M, Négrier S, Thariat J, Grange JD
    Melanoma Res. , 2018
  • Long-term implant failure in patients treated for oral cancer by external radiotherapy: a retrospective monocentric study
    Aline Desoutter, Sophie Deneuve, Sophie-Charlotte Condamin, Anne-Gaëlle Chaux-Bodard
    J Oral Med Oral Surg, 24(3) , 103- 106, 2018
  • [Focal HIFU vs robot-assisted total prostatectomy: Functionnal and oncologic outcomes at one year].
    Arnouil N, Gelet A, Matillon X, Rouviere O, Colombel M, Ruffion A, Mège-Lechevallier F, Subtil F, Badet L, Crouzet S
    Prog. Urol., 28(12) , 603-610, 2018
  • Liver hypertrophy: Underlying mechanisms and promoting procedures before major hepatectomy.
    Le Roy B, Dupré A, Gallon A, Chabrot P, Gagnière J, Buc E
    J Visc Surg, 155(5) , 393-401, 2018
  • Choledochoduodenostomy for the treatment of portal cavernoma biliary stenosis to avoid bloody ERCP.
    Napoléon M, Dumortier J, Rostain F, Rivory J, Ponchon T, Gimonet H, Pioche M
    Endoscopy, 50(10) , E289-E291, 2018
  • Hybrid endoscopic submucosal dissection using a full-thickness resection device allows en bloc resection of a large adenoma deeply invading the appendix.
    Lupu A, Jacques J, Rivory J, Saurin JC, Rostain F, Ponchon T, Pioche M
    Endoscopy, 50(10) , E296-E298, 2018
  • Imagerie d’élasticité cellulaire par microscopie optique rapide
    Stefan Catheline, Ali Zorgani, Pole Grasland-Mongrain, Guy Cloutier
    (En cours...) , 2018
  • Dispositif et méthode de génération d’onde de cisaillement par force de Laplace sur des couches minces
    Zhishen Sun, Stefan Catheline
    (En cours...) , 2018
  • Esophageal shortening after rapid drink test during esophageal high-resolution manometry: A relevant finding?
    Biasutto D, Roman S, Garros A, Mion F
    United European Gastroenterol J, 6(9) , 1323-1330, 2018
  • Preliminary Investigation of a 64-element Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasound Transducer (CMUT) Annular Array Designed for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)
    Bawiec, C. R., N'Djin, W. A., Bouchoux, G., Senegond, N., Guillen, N., Chapelon, J. -Y.
    IRBM, 39(5) , 295- 306, 2018
  • Endoscopic submucosal dissection or endoscopic mucosal resection for large colorectal laterally spreading lesions? Scientific and economic data are still lacking.
    Jacques J, Chaussade S, Ponchon T, Coron E, Lepilliez V, Dahan M, Albouys J, Sautereau D, Leblanc S, Rahmi G, Legros R, Pioche M
    Gut , 2018
  • Method and apparatus for determining local acoustic field intensity within a soft solid
    Souchon R, Matsui K, N'Djin WA
    (En cours...) , 2018
  • [Performances and place of sonography in the diagnostic of endometriosis: CNGOF-HAS Endometriosis Guidelines].
    Philip CA, Dubernard G
    Gynecol Obstet Fertil Senol, 46(3) , 185-199, 2018
  • [Management of endometriosis: CNGOF-HAS practice guidelines (short version)].
    Collinet P, Fritel X, Revel-Delhom C, Ballester M, Bolze PA, Borghese B, Bornsztein N, Boujenah J, Bourdel N, Brillac T, Chabbert-Buffet N, Chauffour C, Clary N, Cohen J, Decanter C, Denouël A, Dubernard G, Fauconnier A, Fernandez H, Gauthier T, Golfier F, Huchon C, Legendre G, Loriau J, Mathieu-d'Argent E, Merlot B, Niro J, Panel P, Paparel P, Philip CA, Ploteau S, Poncelet C, Rabischong B, Roman H, Rubod C, Santulli P, Sauvan M, Thomassin-Naggara I, Torre A, Wattier JM, Yazbeck C, Canis M
    Gynecol Obstet Fertil Senol, 46(3) , 144-155, 2018
  • Sjögren syndrome hidden by previous parotidectomy and cervicofacial radiotherapy
    Aline Desoutter, Angélique Colin, Anne-Gaëlle Bodard
    J Oral Med Oral Surg, 24 , 22- 23, 2018
  • MRI-Targeted or Standard Biopsy for Prostate-Cancer Diagnosis.
    Kasivisvanathan V, Rannikko AS, Borghi M, Panebianco V, Mynderse LA, Vaarala MH, Briganti A, Budäus L, Hellawell G, Hindley RG, Roobol MJ, Eggener S, Ghei M, Villers A, Bladou F, Villeirs GM, Virdi J, Boxler S, Robert G, Singh PB, Venderink W, Hadaschik BA, Ruffion A, Hu JC, Margolis D, Crouzet S, Klotz L, Taneja SS, Pinto P, Gill I, Allen C, Giganti F, Freeman A, Morris S, Punwani S, Williams NR, Brew-Graves C, Deeks J, Takwoingi Y, Emberton M, Moore CM, PRECISION Study Group Collaborators
    N. Engl. J. Med., 378(19) , 1767-1777, 2018