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Jacqueline Ngo got her M.Sc degree in Life Science and Health, specialization Preclinical Drug Evaluation and Safety Pharmacology at Henri Poincaré Nancy 1 University in 2008. She works since 2009 at the LabTAU, INSERM U1032.

In project with drug delivery by ultrasound or cell sonoporation, she supports researchers designing biological studies.

• Non-invasive MRI follow-up of sonosensitive liposome tumor delivery and controlled release after High Intensity Focused Ultrasound
Fowler RA, Fossheim SL, Mestas JL, Ngo J, Canet-Soulas E, Lafon C
Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology 39(12):2342-50, 2013

• Monitoring and control of inertial cavitation activity for enhancing ultrasound transfection: the SonInCaRe project
Inserra C, Labelle P, Der Loughian C, Lee JL, Fouqueray M, Ngo J, Poizat A, Desjouy C, Munteanu B, Lo CW, Vanbelle C, Rieu JP, Chen WS, Bera JC 
Innovation and Research in BioMedical Engineering Volume 35, Issue 2 (94-99), 2014

• Therapeutic efficacy of the combination of doxorubicin-loaded liposomes with inertial cavitation generated by confocal ultrasound in AT2 Dunning rat tumour model
Mestas JL, Fowler RA, Evjen TE, Somaglino L, Moussatov A, Ngo J, Chesnais S, Rognvaldssonc S, Fossheim SL, Nilssen EA, Lafon C
Journal of Drug Targeting. 22(8):688-97, 2014

• Sonoporation of adherent cells in regulated ultrasound cavitation conditions
Muleki Seya P, Fouqueray M, Ngo J, Poizat A, Inserra C, Bera JC 
Ultrasound in Medecine and Biology 41(4):1008-19, 2015

• Low intensity ultrasounds promote clathrin dependent-endocytosis for drug penetration in tumor cells
Tardoski S, Gineyts E, Ngo J, Kocot A, Clézardin P, Melodelima D 
Ultrasound in Medecine and Biology 41(10):2740-54, 2015

• Low-intensity continuous ultrasound promotes bisphosphonate penetration through tumor tissue, leading to decreased tumor burden in vivo
Tardoski S, Ngo J, Gineyts E, Roux JP, Clézardin P, Melodelima D
Scientific Reports 5:16354, 2015