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Born in Shanghai, China, Yao Chen was graduated from the Medical School of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Trained in Grenoble and in Lyon, Yao Chen received his equivalence of Doctor of medicine in 2009 and registered as a Visceral Surgeon. 

Yao Chen entered the Centre Léon Bérard (CLB) as fellow assistant in 2010.  After the fellowship, in 2013, he was recruited by the Department of Translational Research as practitioner in charge of the pre-clinical and clinical research based in the Institut of Surgical Experimentation (ICE), a mixed research unit CLB-Inserm U1032 LabTau.  
He is the head of the animal welfare structure of the lab. 
Since 2018, he is also a senior doctor in charge of the international medical affairs of CLB

Yao Chen holds the surgical specialization degrees of general surgery, visceral surgery, visceral trauma, endocrinal surgery, and oncological surgery.  
He has a master’s degree in surgical anatomy, and a master’s degree in cancer research.
He is member of:

Société chirurgicale de Lyon
Association des Jeunes Chirurgiens Oncologues
European Federation International Society for Digestive Surgery


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