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After getting her biotechnlologic degree, Laura Barrot took place at the BSL4 laboratory in Lyon. During 14 years she contributed to develop the in vivo research department in hard context like Ebola epidemia in 2014.

In 2018 she integrated the Labtau to bring her experience in in vivoproject management in the Institute of Experimental Surgery. She is in charge of the skills management.

Acute Hendra virus infection: Analysis of the pathogenesis and passive antibody protection in the hamster model Guillaume V., Wong K.T., Looi G., Georges-Courbot M.C., Thevenet Barrot L., Buckland R., Wild T.F.1 and Horvat B. YVIRO-05175; No. of pages: 7; 4C: 4

A vaccine platform against arenaviruses based on a recombinant hyperattenuated Mopeia virus expressing heterologous glycoproteins. Carnec X, Mateo M, Page A, Reynard S,Hortion J, Picard C, Yekwa E, Barrot L, Barron S, Vallve A, Raoul H, Carbonnelle C, Ferron F, Baize S. 2018 J Virol 92:e02230 17