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(M2/Eng) Measurement of the acoustic impedance of a piezoelectric material with an ultrasound imaging array

Nature of contract: 
The overall project aims to develop a network of highly sensitive, wireless, and autonomous sensors to monitor physiological parameters, such as heart rate, glucose levels, or neuronal activity, in real time. While many similar sensors have been developed, few have been successfully applied in clinical settings due to challenges such as reliability, patient discomfort, and the potential for allergic or inflammatory responses. The goal is to overcome these barriers through the creation of miniaturized, comfortable, and wearable biosensors. Preliminary work has shown the potential of using an ultrasonic transceiver to measure physiological activity indirectly through the measurement of a piezoelectric element. The project's core is to evaluate the feasibility of simultaneously measuring electrical potentials variations on multiple transducers, using beamforming techniques, to indicate neuronal activity.
Date published: 
Friday 9 June 2023
Deadline for response: 
Sunday 30 June 2024