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3D Ultrasound Navigation platform for image-guided interstitial Focused Ultrasound treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Nature of contract: 
The Master's/Engineering student will be responsible for getting the 3D ultrasound navigation platform up and running again and helping to improve it. The student will also investigate new HIFU treatment planning for achieving full conformal ablations of HCC volumes. First, the student will investigate the theoretical feasiblity, by carrying out numerical HIFU modeling (Rayleigh integral, heat transfer equation in biological tissues for thermal therapy) using CIVA software. Finally, the student will assist the team to investigate experimentally the feasibility of conformal HIFU therapies in an in-vitro liver model. In case of success, the student could participate to in vivo investigations at the end of his/her project. The Master's/Engineering student will be working with two PhD students, one being a biomedical engineer and the other an interventional radiologist. A Researcher Associate will supervise the work.
Date published: 
Tuesday 12 December 2023
Deadline for response: 
Sunday 30 June 2024