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séminaire Marie Poulain-Zarcos

Thursday 15 February 2024

Author: Marie Poulain-Zarcos
Time: 14H00
Language: English
Place: Meeting Room at LabTAU

AbstractMicrostructure of sheared dense suspensions of Red Blood Cells (RBCs)

Blood is a non-Newtonian fluid that exhibits shear-thinning behavior (decreasing viscosity with increasing shear rate). This increases oxygen transport in the body. This shear-thinning behavior is influenced by (1) blood aggregation and (2) RBC deformability. Both of these characteristics can be affected in certain diseases such as diabetes or sickle-cell anemia (hyper-aggregation and greater rigidity of RBCs, which can lead to painful vaso-occlusive crises). In this seminar, we propose two experimental techniques for assessing these two characteristics.

Firstly, using ultrasonic measurements, I will present the characterization of blood aggregation (aggregate size, polydispersity, etc.). The clinical application is to estimate the rate of aggregation in blood and (in the longer term) to enable pre-diagnosis.

Secondly, using optical measurements in a microfluidic channel, I will present the modification of RBC microstructure and dynamics induced by a change in their deformability. A comparison with sickle cell cells will be presented. The clinical application is to estimate the variability of RBC deformability and (in the longer term) to enable monitoring of sickle cell disease.