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  • Contactless remote induction of shear waves in soft tissues using a transcranial magnetic stimulation device.
    Grasland-Mongrain Pol, Miller-Jolicoeur Erika, Tang An, Catheline Stefan, Cloutier Guy
    Phys Med Biol, 61(6) , 2582- 2593, 2016
  • A Bio-Acoustic Levitational (BAL) Assembly Method for Engineering of Multilayered, 3D Brain-Like Constructs, Using Human Embryonic Stem Cell Derived Neuro-Progenitors.
    Bouyer Charlene, Chen Pu, Gueven Sinan, Demirtas Tugrul Tolga, Nieland Thomas J F, Padilla Frederic, Demirci Utkan
    Adv. Mater. Weinheim, 28(1) , 161- +, 2016
  • Stimulation of Bone Repair with Ultrasound.
    Padilla Frederic, Puts Regina, Vico Laurence, Guignandon Alain, Raum Kay
    Adv. Exp. Med. Biol., 880 , 385- 427, 2016
  • Low-intensity continuous ultrasound triggers effective bisphosphonate anticancer activity in breast cancer.
    Tardoski Sophie, Ngo Jacqueline, Gineyts Evelyne, Roux Jean-Paul, Clezardin Philippe, Melodelima David
    Sci Rep, 5 , 2016
  • Low-Intensity Ultrasound Promotes Clathrin-Dependent Endocytosis for Drug Penetration into Tumor Cells.
    Tardoski Sophie, Gineyts Evelyne, Ngo Jacqueline, Kocot Anthony, Clezardin Philippe, Melodelima David
    Ultrasound Med Biol, 41(10) , 2740- 2754, 2016
  • Clinical trial of blood-brain barrier disruption by pulsed ultrasound.
    Carpentier Alexandre, Canney Michael, Vignot Alexandre, Reina Vincent, Beccaria Kevin, Horodyckid Catherine, Karachi Carine, Leclercq Delphine, Lafon Cyril, Chapelon Jean-Yves, Capelle Laurent, Cornu Philippe, Sanson Marc, Hoang-Xuan Khe, Delattre Jean-Yves, Idbaih Ahmed
    Sci Transl Med, 8(343) , 2016
  • Enhancement of Fluorescent Probe Penetration into Tumors In Vivo Using Unseeded Inertial Cavitation.
    Prieur Fabrice, Pillon Arnaud, Mestas Jean-Louis, Cartron Valerie, Cebe Patrick, Chansard Nathalie, Lafond Maxime, Lafon Cyril
    Ultrasound Med Biol, 42(7) , 1706- 1713, 2016
  • Unseeded Inertial Cavitation for Enhancing the Delivery of Chemotherapies: A Safety Study.
    Lafond Maxime, Mestas Jean-Louis, Prieur Fabrice, Chettab Kamel, Geraci Sandra, Clezardin Philippe, Lafon Cyril
    Ultrasound Med Biol, 42(1) , 220- 231, 2016
  • An Ultrasound Image-Based Dynamic Fusion Modeling Method for Predicting the Quantitative Impact of In Vivo Liver Motion on Intraoperative HIFU Therapies: Investigations in a Porcine Model.
    N'Djin W Apoutou, Chapelon Jean-Yves, Melodelima David
    PLoS ONE, 10(9) , 2016
  • Cardiac shear-wave elastography using a transesophageal transducer: application to the mapping of thermal lesions in ultrasound transesophageal cardiac ablation.
    Kwiecinski Wojciech, Bessiere Francis, Colas Elodie Constanciel, N'Djin W Apoutou, Tanter Mickael, Lafon Cyril, Pernot Mathieu
    Phys Med Biol, 60(20) , 7829- 7846, 2016
  • Hysteresis of inertial cavitation activity induced by fluctuating bubble size distribution.
    Seya Pauline Muleki, Desjouy Cyril, Bera Jean-Christophe, Inserra Claude
    Ultrason Sonochem, 27 , 262- 267, 2016
  • A time splitting projection scheme for compressible two-phase flows. Application to the interaction of bubbles with ultrasound waves
    Huber Gregory, Tanguy Sebastien, Bera Jean-Christophe, Gilles Bruno
    Journal of Computational Physics, 302 , 439- 468, 2016
  • Excess risk of urinary tract cancers in patients receiving thiopurines for inflammatory bowel disease: a prospective observational cohort study
    Bourrier A, Carrat F, Colombel J -F, Bouvier A -M, Abitbol V, Marteau P, Cosnes J, Simon T, Peyrin-Biroulet L, Beaugerie L
    Aliment Pharmacol Ther, 43(2) , 252- 261, 2016
  • An International Multicenter Study Evaluating the Clinical Efficacy and Safety of PerOral Endoscopic Myotomy (POEM) in Octogenarians
    Chen Yen-I, Inoue Haruhiro, Ujiki Michael, Draganov Peter V, Colavita Paul D, Mion Francois, Romanelli John, Repici Alessandro, Chiu Philip W, Balassone Valerio, Patel Lava Y, Abbas Ali, Yang Dennis, Dunst Christy M, Pioche Mathieu, Roman Sabine, Rivory Jerome, Ponchon Thierry, Desilets David, Maselli Roberta, Wong Vivien, Onimaru Manabu, Nakamura Jun, Hata Yoshitaka, Hajiyeva Gulara, Ismail Amr, Ngamruengphong Saowanee, Bukhari Majidah, Chavez Yamile Haito, Kumbhari Vivek, Khashab Mouen A
    Digestive Disease Week - San Diego, CA - USA
    MAY 2016
  • Long term Outcomes of PerOral Endoscopic Myotomy (POEM) in Achalasia patients With a minimum follow-up of 2 years: A multicenter study
    Ngamruengphong Saowanee, Inoue Haruhiro, Bapaye Amol, Ujiki Michael, Patel Lava Y, Desai Pankaj N, Hayee Bu, Haji Amyn, Wong Vivien, Perretta Silvana, Dorwat Shivangi, Pioche Mathieu, Roman Sabine, Rivory Jerome, Mion Francois, Ponchon Thierry, Garros Aurelien, Nakamura Jun, Hata Yoshitaka, Balassone Valerio, Onimaru Manabu, Hajiyeva Gulara, Ismail Amr, Chen Yen-I, Bukhari Majidah, Chavez Yamile Haito, Kumbhari Vivek, Maselli Roberta, Repici Alessandro, Khashab Mouen A
    Digestive Disease Week - San Diego, CA - USA
    MAY 2016
  • Fortuitous diagnosis of "full stomach" made by using ultrasonographic examination of the antrum in two elective patients
    Bouvet Lionel, Augris Caroline, Aubergy Clemence, Chassard Dominique
    J Ultrason, 16(66) , 317- 321, 2016
  • Are Magnetic Resonance Imaging-Transrectal Ultrasound Guided Targeted Biopsies Noninferior to Transrectal Ultrasound Guided Systematic Biopsies for the Detection of Prostate Cancer?
    Delongchamps Nicolas Barry, Portalez Daniel, Bruguiere Eric, Rouviere Olivier, Malavaud Bernard, Mozer Pierre, Fiard Gaelle, Cornud Francois
    J. Urol., 196(4) , 1069- 1075, 2016
  • Outbreak of Achromobacter xylosoxidans and Ochrobactrum anthropi Infections after Prostate Biopsies, France, 2014.
    Haviari Skerdi, Cassier Pierre, Dananche Cedric, Hulin Monique, Dauwalder Olivier, Rouviere Olivier, Bertrand Xavier, Perraud Michel, Benet Thomas, Vanhems Philippe
    Emerging Infect. Dis., 22(8) , 1412- 1419, 2016
  • Role of Hormonal Treatment in Prostate Cancer Patients with Nonmetastatic Disease Recurrence After Local Curative Treatment: A Systematic Review.
    van den Bergh Roderick C N, van Casteren Niels J, van den Broeck Thomas, Fordyce Eve R, Gietzmann William K M, Stewart Fiona, MacLennan Steven, Dabestani Saeed, Bellmunt Joaquim, Bolla Michel, Briers Erik, Cornford Philip, Joniau Steven, Mason Malcolm D, Matveev Vsevolod, van der Poel Henk G, van der Kwast Theo H, Rouviere Olivier, Wiegel Thomas, Lam Thomas B, Mottet Nicolas
    Eur. Urol., 69(5) , 802- 820, 2016
  • Massive duodenal variceal bleed: endoscopic ultrasonography of ruptured varix and successful endoscopic clipping treatment.
    Lienhart Isabelle, Lesne Adriane, Couchonnal Eduardo, Rivory Jerome, Sosa-Valencia Leonardo, Ponchon Thierry, Pioche Mathieu
    Endoscopy, 48 , E80- E81, 2016
  • Challenges and Future of Wireless Capsule Endoscopy.
    Saurin JC, Beneche N, Chambon C, Pioche M
    Clin Endosc, 49(1) , 26- 29, 2016
  • Periodic onset of bubble shape instabilities and their influence on the spherical mode
    Guedra Matthieu, Inserra Claude, Gilles Bruno, Mauger Cyril
    IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS) - Tours, FRANCE - France
    MAY 2016
  • Endoscopic mucosectomy of the normal mucosa facilitates exposure of the submucosal layer at the commencement of colorectal endoscopic submucosal dissection.
    Jacques J, Legros R, Carrier P, Geyl S, Loustaud-Ratti V, Sautereau D, Pioche M
    Endoscopy, 48 , E213- E214, 2016
  • Temporary dumping syndrome after gastric peroral endoscopic myotomy: should we control the glycemia?
    Louazon Typhaine, Rivory Jerome, Roman Sabine, Mion Francois, Ponchon Thierry, Pioche Mathieu
    Endoscopy, 48 , E10- E11, 2016
  • A self-assembling matrix-forming gel can be easily and safely applied to prevent delayed bleeding after endoscopic resections.
    Pioche Mathieu, Camus Marine, Rivory Jerome, Leblanc Sarah, Lienhart Isabelle, Barret Maximilien, Chaussade Stanislas, Saurin Jean-Christophe, Prat Frederic, Ponchon Thierry
    Endosc Int Open, 4(4) , E415- E419, 2016