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  • One channel inverse filter: a spatio-temporal control of complex wave field from a single point
    Rupin M, Catheline S, Roux P
    Applied Physics Letters, 104 , 244101, 2014
  • In vitro demonstration of focused ultrasound thrombolysis using bifrequency excitation.
    Saletes I, Gilles B, Auboiroux V, Bendridi N, Salomir R, Béra JC
    Biomed Res Int, 2014 , 518787, 2014
  • Les fondamentaux de la pathologie digestive
    Sabine Roman
    Collégiale des universitaires en hépato-gastro-entérologie , 2014
  • Shear wave imaging method for collecting information on target region of soft solid e.g. organ tissue of human, involves realizing shear wave in target region by applying to particles such that Lorentz force result from two fields.
    (WO2015004224-A1 EP3019885-A1 JP2016523673-W US2016367143-A1 JP6506273-B2) , 2014
  • The Chicago Classification of Esophageal Motility Disorders
    Kahrilas PJ, Roman S, Pandolfino JE
    Surgical Management of Benign Esophageal Disorders - The ”Chicago Approach”, 3 , 25- 38, 2014
  • Patterning expression of regenerative growth factors using high intensity focused ultrasound
    Wilson CG, Martin-Saavedra FM, Padilla F, Fabiilli ML, Zhang M, Baez AM, Bonkowski CJ, Kripfgans OD, Voellmy R, Vilaboa N, Fowlkes JB, Franceschi RT
    Tissue Engineering Part C: Methods, 20(10) , 769- 79, 2014
  • Anatomic and histologic study of the rabbit mandible as an experimental model for wound healing and surgical therapies
    Campillo VE, Langonnet S, Pierrefeu A, Chaux-Bodard AG
    Laboratory Animals, 48(4) , 273- 7, 2014
  • Monitoring and control of inertial cavitation activity for enhancing ultrasound transfection: the SonInCaRe project
    Inserra C, Labelle P, Der Loughian C, Lee JL, Fouqueray M, Ngo J, Poizat A, Desjouy C, Munteanu B, Lo CW, Vanbelle C, Rieu JP, Chen WS, Béra JC
    IRBM, 35(2) , 94- 99, 2014
  • Endoluminal MR-guided ultrasonic applicator embedding cylindrical phased-array transducers and opposed-solenoid detection coil
    Rata M, Birlea V, Murillo A, Paquet C, Cotton F, Salomir R
    Magn Reson Med , 2014
  • Computer aided staging of lymphoma patients with FDG PET/CT imaging based on textural information.
    Lartizien C, Rogez M, Niaf E, Ricard F
    IEEE J Biomed Health Inform , 2013
  • Design and evaluation of a transesophageal HIFU probe for ultrasound-guided cardiac ablation: simulation of a HIFU mini-maze procedure and preliminary ex vivo trials.
    Constanciel E, N'Djin WA, Bessière F, Chavrier F, Grinberg D, Vignot A, Chevalier P, Chapelon JY, Lafon C
    IEEE Trans Ultrason Ferroelectr Freq Control, 60(9) , 1868-83, 2013
  • Orbital trajectory of an acoustic bubble in a cylindrical resonator.
    Desjouy C, Labelle P, Gilles B, Bera JC, Inserra C
    Phys Rev E Stat Nonlin Soft Matter Phys, 88(3) , 033006, 2013
  • Procédé de caractérisation d'une lésion ultrasonore de tissus organiques
    Melodelima D, Vincenot J, Blanc E
    (PCT/FR2014/052539) , 2013
  • Appareil de génération d’ondes ultrasonores focalisées a temps de traitement réduit
    Chapelon JY, Chavrier F, Blanc E, Guillen N, Brasset L
    (en cours) , 2013
  • Opening of the blood-brain barrier with an unfocused ultrasound device in rabbits.
    Beccaria K, Canney M, Goldwirt L, Fernandez C, Adam C, Piquet J, Autret G, Clément O, Lafon C, Chapelon JY, Carpentier A
    J. Neurosurg., 119(4) , 887-98- 98, 2013
  • 1D multi-element planar cMUT array for interstitial ultrasound therapy
    N'djin WA, Canney M, Meynier C, Chavrier F, Lafon C, Nguyen-dinh An, Carpentier A, Chapelon JY
    Acoustics 2013 Book of Abstracts , 17- 18, 2013
  • Use of Ultrasound Contrast Agent Microbubbles in Preclinical Research: Recommendations for Small Animal Imaging.
    Hyvelin JM, Tardy I, Arbogast C, Costa M, Emmel P, Helbert A, Theraulaz M, Nunn AD, Tranquart F
    Invest Radiol , 2013
  • Interstitial ultrasonic disposable applicator and method for tissue thermal conformal volume ablation and monitoring the same
    Carpentier A, Nguyen-Dinh A, Chapelon JY, Dufait R, Notard C, Chavrier F, Lafon C, Canney M, N'djin WA
    (US20140257262 A1) , 2013
  • Dispositif et procédé permettant de calculer les variations de vitesse de profondeur
    Catheline S, De Caqueret B, Roux P, Blanchi T, Campillo M
    (2594964) , 2013
  • Safety of meglumine gadoterate (Gd-DOTA)-enhanced MRI compared to unenhanced MRI in patients with chronic kidney disease (RESCUE study).
    Deray G, Rouviere O, Bacigalupo L, Maes B, Hannedouche T, Vrtovsnik F, Rigothier C, Billiouw JM, Campioni P, Ferreiros J, Devos D, Alison D, Glowacki F, Boffa JJ, Marti-Bonmati L
    Eur Radiol, 23(5) , 1250-9, 2013
  • Differentiation of transitional zone prostate cancer from benign hyperplasia nodules: evaluation of discriminant criteria at multiparametric MRI.
    Chesnais AL, Niaf E, Bratan F, Mège-Lechevallier F, Roche S, Rabilloud M, Colombel M, Rouvière O
    Clin Radiol, 68(6) , e323-30, 2013
  • Detection of Deeply-Implanted Impedance-Switching Devices Using Ultrasound Doppler. IEEE Trans Ultrason Ferroelectr Freq Control. Ultrasponder
    Mari JM, Lafon C, Chapelon JY
    IEEE Trans Ultrason Ferrolectr Feq Control(60 (6)) , 1074- 1083, 2013
  • Salvage high-intensity focused ultrasound ablation for prostate cancer local recurrence after external-beam radiation therapy: prognostic value of prostate MRI.
    Rouvière O, Sbihi L, Gelet A, Chapelon JY
    Clin Radiol, 68(7) , 661-7, 2013
  • Influence of imaging and histological factors on prostate cancer detection and localisation on multiparametric MRI: a prospective study.
    Bratan F, Niaf E, Melodelima C, Chesnais AL, Souchon R, Mège-Lechevallier F, Colombel M, Rouvière O
    Eur Radiol, 23(7) , 2019-29, 2013
  • Shear wave imaging method and installation for collecting information on a soft solid
    Catheline S, Chapelon JY, Grasland-Mongrain P, Lafon C, Souchon R
    (en cours) , 2013