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Project Description

SATURN is a collaborative research project that brings together two INSERM labs leaders in ultrasound therapy (LabTAU in Lyon and U930 in Tours), the CEA-LIST expert in numerical simulation and software technology and the company EDAP, French global leader in therapeutic ultrasound. The objective of SATURN is the development of simulation tools dedicated to High Intensity Therapeutic Ultrasound. The project is based on the creation of a simulation platform for design of probes and evaluation of treatment protocols. Basic research will be conducted on the propagation of ultrasounds taking into account their interactions with biological tissues (heterogeneous medium, presence of obstacle, non-linear effects…). In addition technological innovations will be achieved (algorithmic optimization for implementation on parallel architecture). From these calculation modules, software tools will be developed for real time simulation.  

Transducer configuration and Pressure field calculation

An example of HIFU beam propagation through skull.

Resolution of the Bio-Heat Transfer Equation (->3D maps of temperature and thermal dose) 


Simulation of a complete HIFU treatment protocol



·       ANR15-CE19-0016 (CEA SACLAY)



LabTAU Staff

·       Chapelon Jean-Yves

·       Chavrier Françoise

·       Loyet Raphaël 

·       Chapelon Anthony


·       CEA Saclay, France

·       EDAP TMS, Vaulx-en-Velin, France

·       Inserm U930 Imagerie et Cerveau, Tours, France