Linkedin Labtau  

New sensors for imaging

Project Description

In this project, new approaches for imaging are developed to characterize in real time therapeutic transducer radiation pattern thanks to medical arrays. Beside C-MUT technology is tested for imaging or therapy. Frictions experiments and their simulation tools are also explored for seismic modeling and shear wave propagation. At last new sensors to characterize mechanical properties of the esophagus are studied.



  • Stefan Catheline (DR INSERM)
  • Sabine Roman (MCUPH)
  • Rémi Souchon (AI)
  • Ali Zorgani (Post-doc)
  • Bruno Giammarinaro (Post-doc)
  • Victor Delattre (Ing)
  • Johannes Aichele (PhD Student)

Collaboration: Philippe Roux, ISTerre, University of Grenoble.