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Project Description

CHORUS –Development of trans esophageal HIFU probe for treating cardiac arythmias

Cardiac arrhythmias are related to a dysfunction of the electrical conduction pathway in the cardiac tissue. When drugs become inefficient, thermal ablation by catheterization is commonly applied. In an attempt to respond to the limitations of these treatments (incomplete lesions, lack of motion compensation and real-time imaging), the CHORUS project aims at developing a transesophageal ultrasonic probe for image-guided thermal ablation. Preliminary in vivo data allowed demonstrating the feasibility of the concept but, before a clinical evaluation, major technological and methodological improvements remains to be done for facilitating the procedure, compensating cardiac motion and improving image guidance for online prediction of lesion assessment.




LabTau Staff

  • Cyril Lafon
  • Elodie Cao
  • Jade Robert
  • Francis Bessière