Linkedin Labtau  

Quantifying Microstructural Properties of Tissues with High-Frequency Ultrasound

Tuesday 19 October 2021

Author: Jonathan Mamou and Cameron Hoerig
Time: 11H00
Language: English
Place: Conference Room at LabTAU

AbstractHigh-frequency ultrasound provides a means of investigating the anatomical changes in soft tissues at the microscale that accompany many disease processes. Of particular interest to our group are the effects of myopia on the posterior sclera, where microstructure changes occur that underly eye elongation and staphyloma formation.  We will first describe how quantitative ultrasound (QUS) methods applied at high frequencies (80MHz) can detect changes in tissue structure on the scale of 30micro caused by myopia. Then, from complementary studies, we will demonstrate how quantitative acoustic microscopy (QAM) methods (>250MHz) can be used to infer the mechanical properties of ocular tissues at <7micro resolution and how those properties relate to collagen microstructure. Following these in-depth discussions – and if time allows – we will present a lightning round of QUS applications in lymph nodes, thyroid, lung, and liver tissues