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Chadi ZEMZEMI is a PhD Student at University Claude Bernard Lyon1. After a little experience of undergraduate medical education (2008-2010) at University Jean Monnet Saint Etienne, France, he integrated physics department of University Claude Bernard Lyon1, France. In 2012, Chadi joined the biomedical department of the Graduate School of Engineering Polytech Lyon, France. In 2015, he received the M. Eng. degree in biomedical engineering and the MS. degree in imaging and medical instrumentation.

Chadi was the treasurer of APLEB Association (Biomedical engineering-student Association of Polytech Lyon). He was also the logistics manager of “Le Ptit Biomed”, one of the biggest student projects in the University Claude Bernard Lyon1.

During his internships, he worked on developing cMUTS probe to generate ablation in cancerous organs. He worked also on implementation of a multi-source time reversal mirror. Since 2015, Chadi has worked on active elastography by time reversal (thesis project) under the leadership of professor Stefan Catheline.