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Dr Padilla was trained in physics and electrical engineering (MSc in Physics, PhD in Physical Acoustics, University of Paris-7; Electrical Engineering degree, Supelec, France). He obtained his PhD in 1998 and then joined the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) where he is under a tenure position as Research Scientist (Associate Prof.). He is a Fulbright Fellow, and has been a visiting faculty in Boston University (2008) and a visiting professor at the University of Michigan (2009-2011). He is currently a Merkin Fellow with the FUS Foundation and a visiting professor in the department of Radiation Oncology of the  University of Virginia School of Medicine.

His research agenda currently focuses on 1) Activation of anti-cancer immune response by therapeutic ultrasound; 2); Ultrasound molecular imaging of cancer and 3) Ultrasound cell assembly for tissue engineering.

  • 2017    Merkin Fellowship, Focused Ultrasound Foundation
  • 2013    Invited participant to the ‘Frontiers of Science Symposium’, CNRS-JSPS, Kyoto, Japan
  • 2008    Fulbright Scholar Grant – Fulbright Commission
  • 2008    Grant for Abroad Stay and Study– French Department of Defense
  • 2006   Young Scientist Conf. Travel Award, 17th Int. Bone Densitometry Workshop, Kyoto, Japan
  • 2004    Plenary lecturer, III Latin American Congress on Biomedical Engineering, Joao Pessoa, Brazil
  • 2004    Young Scientist Conference Attendance Grants, 18th Int. Congress on Acoustics, Kyoto, Japan
  • 2000    American Society for Bone and Mineral Research - Quantitative ultrasound award
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