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Myléva Dahan was born in Lyon, France, in 1994. She is an Engineer in Chemistry from the Engineering school Chimie Physique et Electronique de Lyon (CPE Lyon) since 2019 and received in parallel a Master degree in Inorganinc Chemistry form the University of Lyon, Claude Bernard Lyon I, in 2017.

Her major interest in human, nano medicine and in therapeutic innovation in cancerology motivates her to purpose a PhD project at the LabTAU in collaboration with the Research Center in Cancerology of Lyon (CRCL). She develops nanoparticles and studies the combination and the interaction between a focal ultrasound treatment, an chemo-immunotherapy and the antitumour immune response at preclinical as well as clinical levels.

Brevet : France : Nanovecteurs et utilisations ; No. FR1759607 et International : Chimio Nano Therapy ; No. PCT/FR2018/052538