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Sarah Cleve obtained one master degree in physical engineering at the Technische Universität Berlin and another of acoustics at the École Centrale de Lyon. Her master thesis was focused on the development of constant voltage cold wire anemometry for the measurement of temperature fluctuations in thermoacoustic systems. She started a PhD on microstreaming induced by acoustically driven bubbles in 2016. The work is financed by the Labex CeLyA of the Université de Lyon and it is a collaboration between two acoustic laboratories, the LMFA and the LabTAU.


The PhD work is dealing with the experimental study of bubble induced microstreaming. This includes the study of nonlinear time-resolved bubble dynamics of single bubbles as well the triggering of surface modes by coalescing bubbles. Experimental methods contain the bubble nucleation by focused laser, its control in the acoustic field, its observation by high speed camera and the visualization of the surrounding flow by particle image velocimetry. Validation is achieved by comparison with analytical models.


Co-author of 1 article in peer-reviewed journal, 3 conference proceedings

Selected publications

  • [1] Cold wire constant voltage anemometry to measure temperature fluctuations and its application in a thermoacoustic system. S Cleve, E Jondeau, P Blanc-Benon, G Comte-Bellot, Review of Scientific Instruments, 88(4), 044904, 2017.