Linkedin Labtau  

Jean-Yves Chapelon (M’90) was the Director of the Laboratory of Therapeutic Applications of Ultrasound (LabTau), INSERM U1032 fully affiliated to University of Lyon, Lyon, France, from 2000 to 2015. The LabTau is involved in cancer therapy and imaging, shock wave treatment (lithotripsy), and drug delivery with ultrasound. Several successful technology transfers took place, resulting in patented and commercialized medical equipment, such as the Sonolith and Ablatherm devices by EDAP Technomed and more recently EyeOP1 by EyeTechCare and Sonocloud from Carthera. These developments were the first of their kind in Europe and in the USA. Dr. Chapelon has a portfolio of more than 20 families of active patents. His current research interests are into high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU). This technique has the potential to treat tumors of the prostate, liver or kidney non-invasively, without the need for conventional surgery. He is involved in this technique on several fronts: designing clinical prototype devices, developing methods of monitoring HIFU treatments, and studying the biology and biophysics involved in the treatments.