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Florent Aptel

His clinical and research interests focus on glaucoma, with a particular emphasis on the monitoring of the 24-hour IOP fluctuations, angle-closure pathogenesis, and the applications of high intensity ultrasound in ophthalmology.

In the field of angle closure glaucoma pathophysiology, he led some works done using optical imaging methods that have allowed to confirm the role of the iris dynamic in the genesis of angle closure. In the future, these works and findings should help to better identify eyes at risk of angle closure that deserve preventive treatment.

Florent Aptel held a PhD in the field of high intensity focused ultrasound. His doctoral and post-doctoral works led to the development of a new device for treating glaucoma based on the selective coagulation of the ciliary body. This method seems to be as effective as the usual methods of coagulation of the ciliary body, but better tolerated, and should therefore be offered to many patients. Florent Aptel is the first author or co-author of all the experimental and pre-clinical works about ultrasonic ciliary body coagulation, as well as the first clinical trials. This device has now a CE marking, and is being evaluated in several international clinical trials.