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Emmanuel Messas

Pr. Emmanuel Messas is MD PhD and Fellow of European Society of Cardiology, Head of Cardiovascular (CV) prevention and Vascular Medicine department and head of the  CV ultrasound Echolab at Hopital Européen Georges Pompidou, Université of Paris and Inserm UMR 970, Paris, France. His main field of research is innovation in CV ultrasound imaging and therapy. He was research fellow in 1999-2001 in Cardiac ultrasound lab of Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School under the supervision of Robert Levine world known cardiologist on ultrasound and valve. Since his fellowship, all his research was to use ultrasound imaging innovative technique to better understand heart disease in order to cure them by non invasive ultrasound therapy. He developed a new technique called " chordal cutting" for ischemic mitral regurgitation based on its mechanism called "apical tenting" describe by cardiac ultrasound. Since 15 years, he forged as strong collaboration with world leader in Ultrasound Physics from Ecole Superior of  Physics  and Chemistry of Paris (ESPCI) initially with Mathias Fink in Langevin institute and now with Mickael Tanter team from INSERM team Physics for Medicine and especially with Mathieu Pernot. Using UItrafastecho imaging, Shear wave imaging, and Ultrafast Doppler they developed new research on arterial plus wave velocity, arterial wall stiffness, atherosclerosis plaque biomechanics evaluation. Their collaboration continue on the cardiac function evaluation using elastography and shear wave imaging for myocardial stiffness evaluation. Finally, since 6 years they fund a start up company called Cardiawave headed and co funded by Benjamin Bertrand which developed a breakthrough disruptive technology on non invasive ultrasound therapy creating shockwave on the calcification of the aortic valve of patient with severe symptomatic aortic valve stenosis. Pr. Messas is the PI of the international first in men study on this application. Already some promising result has been presented in multiple international cardiology meeting as European Society of Cardiology scientific meeting and American heart association meeting. Today, He continues this fruitful collaboration on innovation on ultrasound and cardio vascular disease.