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Alexandre Carpentier

Alexandre Carpentier was born in France, in 1970. He is an Academic Neurosurgeon performing brain tumor and epilepsy surgery at Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital, Paris, France, the largest neurological hospital in Europe. In 2007, he became a Professor of neurosurgery and medicine at Paris VI Sorbonne University School of Medicine, Paris, where he focuses on developing new minimally invasive surgical procedures. In 2006, he founded the Advanced Surgical Technologies Research Laboratory, Paris 6 Sorbonne University, Paris. He is known for his numerous translational clinical trials and developments of new technologies, such as laser interstitial thermal therapy of brain tumor and epilepsy, ultrasound interstitial thermal therapy, and ultrasound opening of the blood–brain barrier. In 2010, he founded the university spin-off company (CarThera) for his ultrasound innovations that are now in clinical trial. He is always focused on medical practice needs and clinical routine feasibility of innovations. He has a unique expertise in medical devices research, development, regulation, and clinical trials.