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Low Intensity Ultrasound Therapy applied to bones

Coordinators: Jean-Christophe Bera, Arnaud Gleizal


The interaction of ultrasound with bone tissues composes a new research field initiated during the last three years. Works have been done on ultrasound application in maxillofacial surgery, being investigated during the PhD thesis of Dr Gleizal, maxillofacial surgeon in the « Hôpital de la Croix-Rousse » (Lyon), presently member of the Unity. These researches dealt with bone cutting by ultrasound piezoelectric systems and the influence of ultrasound on bones turn-over. Following the first obtained results, collaborations have been set up with dentists, particularly those of the « Centre Léon Bérard de Recherche Contre le Cancer ». This allows creating in Lyon an informal cervico-facial research group containing researcher from the involved Unity and dental and maxillofacial surgeons.



Bone reconstruction
Bone reconstruction  Orthondentia
Bone Integration Bone metastases treatment