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ULTRAsponder is an ambitious project that brings together scientists, industries and medical doctors, to work on the healthcare methodologies of the future. Focused on the patient acceptability and portability these methodologies are oriented to clinical conditions where the best possible analysis reside on long period constant monitoring of vital parameters. This will allow to perform measurements with a fixed frequency from few second to several hours for times varying from few months to few years completely changing the data that the physician will be able to analyze. 


ULTRAsponder aims at developing exclusive and unprecedented technologies based on ultrasonic telemetry techniques, for communication between one or several sensors or stimulators deeply implanted in the human body (the transponder) capable to memorize and pre-analyse measured data, and a control unit which is used for both recharging the implanted devices and retrieving the measured data to be transmitted to the external world. The project concept is shown schematically in the Figure.