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Quality Assurance

Supervisor: Francoise CHAVRIER


From 2002 the Unity director considered that the Unit UMR_S556 should garantee, in order to ensure a worldwide competitiveness, that the conducted research result in scientifical ethics and respect in medical and scientific rules.

To ensure this, UMR_S556 engaged a process aiming in progressively setting up a Quality management system, in phase with its research particularities. The main step in this process aim to:

  • Ensure traceability and permanence of research results by bringing the use of laboratory notebook into general use
  • Ensure compliance with the rules concerning Health and Safety at work environment
  • Set up progressively a documentary framework (Quality notebook, protocols, ....)
  • Ensure the control of equipments, measurements and experiments
  • Set up tools allowing the control of documents and recordings produced in the Unit (identification, diffusion, ordering and filing)
  • Identify and map the process underlying the Unit activities
  • Ensure the control of research projects
  • Increase personnel awareness to the aims of Quality insurance, the importance of their personal involvement to develop in fine the culture of Quality inside the Unit


From 2007, in the context of a deep reorganization of french research, particularly concerning the opening to industrial partners, the Unit UMR_S556 wished for a greater visibility conerning its Quality assurance through certification. Thanks to the involvement of each personal, the support of its main industrial partner (Society EDAP-TMS) and of the INSERM Quality cell, an important step has been done towards certification.

On December 2008, the LNE/G-MED certified that the Quaity system set up inside UMR_S556 concerning its design and research activities for industrial in therapeutical area was in adequation with the demands of the international norm ISO 9001 : 2000. Above the recognition of human and financial efforts, this certification within INSERM gives value on research projects containing or not industrial collaboration to be conformed to a recognized international quality assurance.