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MESTAS Jean-Louis
INSERM Researcher
phone :+33 (0)472681944  




1986-2000: Research areas: -In-vivo lithotrity applications; Development of new process to ablate automatically the prostate adenoma

Since 2000: Cavitation studies; evaluation in Therapy sono-dynamic and sonoporation

  • Study, design and development of a regulated cavitation generator
  • Application to the in-vitro cell transfectioin
  • Sonodynamical therapy






1980: Engineer graduated from the National Institute of Applied Science (INSA Lyon, France), specialized in Electrical engineering.

1980 – 1982: PhD thesis “Génération et focalisation d’une onde de choc en vue de la destruction transpariétale des calculs rénaux”, U281 INSERM

1982-1985: INSERM U281: Study, design and developmentof an extracorporal lithotritor with echographic imaging.

1984: Recruited as researcher by INSERM



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