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INSERM Researcher
phone: +33 (0)472681930  


Professional focus


High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) has proved to be highly efficient in inducing homogeneous and reproducible tumor destruction by thermal coagulation necrosis, both experimentally and clinically. This method is receiving increased attention due to the capabilities of ultrasound imaging and magnetic resonance imaging to provide guidance and monitoring. HIFU seems to be an appropriate potential alternative to conventional therapies for the treatment of liver metastases but its use needs to be experimentally tested in vivo. It is plan to establish new procedures for selective tissue destruction with HIFU and targeting with ultrasound imaging. The long-term objective is to develop a device that can be used during surgery for eventual clinical use in conjunction with resection.


Academic record

Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, 2004, University Claude Bernard Lyon I 
MS Physics, 2001, University Claude Bernard Lyon I 
BS Physics, 2000, University Claude Bernard Lyon I


Work experience

2005 – Today: Research Associate 
French Institute of Health and Medical Research, unit 556, Lyon, France. 
Treatment of liver metastasis using high intensity focused ultrasound. 

2004 – 2005: Postdoc 
Joint Department of Physics, Institute of Cancer Research and Royal Marsden Hospital NHS Trust, Sutton, Surrey, UK. 
Radiation force elastography – automated breast imaging. 

2001 – 2004: PhD student 
French Institute of Health and Medical Research, unit 556, Lyon, France. 
Intraluminal ultrasound applicator with electronic beam steering for oesophagus tumour ablation under MRI guidance: Optimization of the coagulated depth by combination with cavitation.



2010 - Laureate of the prize Christiane Bernardin for the work on the treatment of liver metastases by HIFU

2006 - Laureate of the prize Antonin Poncet for the work performed on HIFU treatments in pig liver during laparotomy for the treatment of liver metastasis. Vascular and biliary tolerance. 

2004 - Laureate of the 1st prize of the “Pôle des Technologies Médicales”, Saint-Etienne, France (Center of Medical Technology) for his PhD work on the development and experimentation of an ultrasonic intraluminal applicator with electronic beam steering and MRI compatible. 

2004 - Laureate of the 1st prize of the "Ecole Doctorale Interdisciplinaire Sciences-Santé" for his PhD work "Intraluminal ultrasound applicator, MRI compatible, for the treatment of oesophageal tumours." Lyon, France.



Link to Pubmed Publications

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