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Associate Professor in section 60

phone : +33 (0)472681928




Graduated in Acoustics, my research projects mainly concern nonlinear phenomena in acoustics, like:

- Parametric excitation, harmonic generation and nonlinear resonances to assess hysteretic properties of complex materials (PhD in Le Mans University)

- Bubble dynamics

- Cavitation control

- Nonlinear dynamics of cavitation bubble under bifrequency acoustic perturbation

- Study of bubble-cells interaction in an acoustic field

- Sonoporation (opening and closure of transient pores on cells by ultrasound) process





ANR-MOST Caribbbou, 2016-2019. France-Taiwan project. Project coordinator.

ANR JCJC ULysSe (Ass. Pr. Bruno Gilles), 2012-2015. Task Leader.

ANR-NSC TecSan SonInCaRe, 2011-2014. France-Taiwan project, Task leader.



Since 2009: Associate Professor at the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1.

- Teachings in Solid Mechanics, Numerical Methods, Vibrations and Acoustics at the UFR de Mécanique (UCBL).

- Research works on cavitation phenomenon and sonoporation for therapeutic applications, at the Laboratory of “Applications des Ultrasons à la Thérapie”, INSERM UMR_S1032.

2009: CNRS Postdoctoral fellow at the Laboratory of Mechanics and Physics (LMP, UMR CNRS 5469), Bordeaux University (Bordeaux, France), research project on “Theoretical analysis of capillary waves at the fluid/solid interface in the aim of the biological cell adhesion measurement by picoseconds acoustics”.

2008 – 2009: JSPS Postdoctoral fellow at the Laboratory of Design for Functional Systems, Kyoto University (Kyoto, France), research project on “Linear and nonlinear ultrasonic evaluation of thermally-damaged rocks and granites”.

2004 – 2007: PhD thesis: “Characterization of granular media compaction by linear and nonlinear acoustic methods”, Laboratory of Acoustics of the University of Le Mans (LAUM), UMR CNRS 6613.

2004: Postgraduate degree in applied acoustics, University of Le Mans (Le Mans, France)

2000 - 2003: Engineer graduated from the National School of Engineering of Le Mans (ENSIM), University of Le Mans (France), specialized in Acoustics and Vibrations



R.W.B. Stephens Prize for the best Young Scientist, ICU Vienna, 2007



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