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ICE: Experimental Surgery Institute


For more than ten years, high level technology got into surgical unit, pointing up the need of hand-made surgery and technological surgery. This evolution reveals that the need of a surgery formation particularly in cancerology (guided focused treatments, chemotherapy technics, gene therapy application, computer-assisted suregery, 3D imaging, ....) exists.

In this goal the Experimental Surgery Institute (ICE) has been set up in Lyon, dedicated to cancerology. This platform joined on-site surgery hospital services where new technology and research projects raise, fundamental research laboratory, a formative structure, collaborations with industrial partner for surgical equipment and an autonomous experimental platform.


This institute brings together surgeons and radiologists invested in canccerology research, researchers from UMR_S1032 specialized in therapeutic ultrasound in cancerology and high-intensity tissue destruction and biology engineers. Research projects conducted inside ICE mainly concern focused destruction of tumor by physical agents.