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List of the laboratory publications for the year 2013.


  • A testicular mass. 
    Taupin T, Rouvière O, Cuzin B, Mege-Lechevallier F, Boutier R
    Diagn Interv Imaging, 94 (4) : 481-2, 2013
  • Preoperative computed tomographic angiography and perforator flaps: a standardization of the protocol. 
    Boucher F, Moutran M, Boutier R, Papillard M, Rouviere O, Braye F, Mojallal A

    Ann Chir Plast Esthet, 58 (4) : 290-309, 2013
  • Superior eyelid crease approach for transobital neuroendoscopic surgery of the anterior cranial fossa. 
    Koppe M, Gleizal A, Orset E, Bachelet JT, Jouanneau E, Rougeot A
    J Craniofac Surg, 24 (5) : 1616-21, 2013

  • The use of Piezosurgery™ for external dacryocystorhinostomy. 
    Rougeot A, Koppe M, Gleizal A
    Br J Oral Maxillofac Surg, 51 (4) : e57-8, 2013

  • Inflammatory granuloma of iliac bone harvest site: a rare complication of Horsley bone wax. 
    Faghahati S, Gleizal A, Beziat JL
    Ann Chir Plast Esthet, 58 (4) : 359-61, 2013

  • In vivo monitoring of liposomal release in tumours following ultrasound stimulation. 
    Evjen TJ, Hagtvet E, Moussatov A, Røgnvaldsson S, Mestas JL, Fowler RA, Lafon C, Nilssen EA
    Eur J Pharm Biopharm, 84 (3) : 526-31, 2013

  • Bilateral bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaw with left chronic infection in an 82-year-old woman. 
    Gallay L, Bodard AG, Chidiac C, Ferry T
    BMJ Case Rep, 2013, 2013

  • Differentiation of transitional zone prostate cancer from benign hyperplasia nodules: evaluation of discriminant criteria at multiparametric MRI. 
    Chesnais AL, Niaf E, Bratan F, Mège-Lechevallier F, Roche S, Rabilloud M, Colombel M, Rouvière O
    Clin Radiol, 68 (6) : e323-30, 2013

  • Influence of imaging and histological factors on prostate cancer detection and localisation on multiparametric MRI: a prospective study. 
    Bratan F, Niaf E, Melodelima C, Chesnais AL, Souchon R, Mège-Lechevallier F, Colombel M, Rouvière O
    Eur Radiol, 23 (7) : 2019-29, 2013

  • Laser-induced fluorescence thermometry of heating in water from short bursts of high intensity focused ultrasound. 
    Al-Qraini MM, Canney MS, Oweis GF
    Ultrasound Med Biol, 39 (4) : 647-59, 2013

  • Salvage high-intensity focused ultrasound ablation for prostate cancer local recurrence after external-beam radiation therapy: prognostic value of prostate MRI. 
    Rouvière O, Sbihi L, Gelet A, Chapelon JY
    Clin Radiol, 68 (7) : 661-7, 2013

  • Water-jet dissector for endoscopic submucosal dissection in an animal study: outcomes of the continuous and pulsed modes. 
    Lepilliez V, Robles-Medranda C, Ciocirlan M, Lukashok H, Chemali M, Langonnet S, Chesnais S, Hervieu V, Ponchon T
    Surg Endosc, 27 (8) : 2921-7, 2013

  • Aetiology, pathogenesis, and specific management of Stahl's ear: role of the transverse muscle insertion. 
    Gleizal A, Bachelet JT
    Br J Oral Maxillofac Surg, 51 (8) : e230-3, 2013

  • In Situ Electron Backscatter Diffraction Investigation of Recrystallization in a Copper Wire. 
    Brisset F, Helbert AL, Baudin T
    Microsc. Microanal. : 1-9, 2013

  • Use of Ultrasound Contrast Agent Microbubbles in Preclinical Research: Recommendations for Small Animal Imaging. 
    Hyvelin JM, Tardy I, Arbogast C, Costa M, Emmel P, Helbert A, Theraulaz M, Nunn AD, Tranquart F
    Invest Radiol, 2013

  • Shear wave elastography of tumour growth in a human breast cancer model with pathological correlation. 
    Chamming's F, Latorre-Ossa H, Le Frère-Belda MA, Fitoussi V, Quibel T, Assayag F, Marangoni E, Autret G, Balvay D, Pidial L, Gennisson JL, Tanter M, Cuenod CA, Clément O, Fournier LS
    Eur Radiol, 2013

  • Systematic pancreatic stenting after endoscopic snare papillectomy may reduce the risk of postinterventional pancreatitis. 
    Napoléon B, Alvarez-Sanchez MV, Leclercq P, Mion F, Pialat J, Gincul R, Ribeiro D, Cambou M, Lefort C, Rodríguez-Girondo M, Scoazec JY
    Surg Endosc, 27 (9) : 3377-87, 2013

  • Eosinophilic oesophagitis: from physiopathology to treatment. 
    Roman S, Savarino E, Savarino V, Mion F
    Dig Liver Dis, 45 (11) : 871-8, 2013

  • Swallowable Obalon® gastric balloons as an aid for weight loss: a pilot feasibility study. 
    Mion F, Ibrahim M, Marjoux S, Ponchon T, Dugardeyn S, Roman S, Deviere J
    Obes Surg, 23 (5) : 730-3, 2013
  • Partial recovery of peristalsis after myotomy for achalasia: more the rule than the exception. 
    Roman S, Kahrilas PJ, Mion F, Nealis TB, Soper NJ, Poncet G, Nicodème F, Hungness E, Pandolfino JE
    JAMA Surg, 148 (2) : 157-64, 2013
  • Normal values of pharyngeal and esophageal 24-hour pH impedance in individuals on and off therapy and interobserver reproducibility. 
    Zerbib F, Roman S, Bruley Des Varannes S, Gourcerol G, Coffin B, Ropert A, Lepicard P, Mion F, Groupe Français De Neuro-Gastroentérologie
    Clin. Gastroenterol. Hepatol., 11 (4) : 366-72, 2013
  • Sacral nerve stimulation for fecal incontinence improves symptoms, quality of life and patients' satisfaction: results of a monocentric series of 119 patients. 
    Damon H, Barth X, Roman S, Mion F
    Int J Colorectal Dis, 28 (2) : 227-33, 2013
  • Development of a new control strategy for 3D MRI-controlled interstitial ultrasound cancer therapy. 
    Goharrizi AY, N'djin WA, Kwong R, Chopra R
    Med Phys, 40 (3) : 033301, 2013
  • Breast mass characterization using 3-dimensional automated ultrasound as an adjunct to digital breast tomosynthesis: a pilot study. 
    Padilla F, Roubidoux MA, Paramagul C, Sinha SP, Goodsitt MM, Le Carpentier GL, Chan HP, Hadjiiski LM, Fowlkes JB, Joe AD, Klein KA, Nees AV, Noroozian M, Patterson SK, Pinsky RW, Hooi FM, Carson PL
    J Ultrasound Med, 32 (1) : 93-104, 2013
  • Intraoperative Use of a Gamma Probe for the Treatment of Condylar Hyperplasia: Description of a New Technique. 
    Bouchard C, Paris M, Villemaire JM
    J. Oral Maxillofac. Surg., 2013
  • A multicenter comparison of double-balloon enteroscopy and spiral enteroscopy. 
    Rahmi G, Samaha E, Vahedi K, Ponchon T, Fumex F, Filoche B, Gay G, Delvaux M, Lorenceau-Savale C, Malamut G, Canard JM, Chatellier G, Cellier C
    J. Gastroenterol. Hepatol., 2013
  • The editors' guide for peer review of papers submitted to Endoscopy. 
    Dinis-Ribeiro M, Vakil N, Ponchon T
    Endoscopy, 45 (1) : 48-50, 2013
  • Fully covered self-expanding metal stents for benign colonic strictures. 
    Vanbiervliet G, Bichard P, Demarquay JF, Ben-Soussan E, Lecleire S, Barange K, Canard JM, Lamouliatte H, Fontas E, Barthet M, Ponchon T, Saurin JC, Research Committee of the French Society of Digestive Endoscopy (SFED)
    Endoscopy, 45 (1) : 35-41, 2013
  • Lymph node involvement beyond peripancreatic region in pancreatic head cancers: when results belie expectations. 
    Golse N, Lebeau R, Lombard-Bohas C, Hervieu V, Ponchon T, Adham M
    Pancreas, 42 (2) : 239-48, 2013
  • Value of preoperative biliary drainage in a consecutive series of resectable periampullary lesions. From randomized studies to real medical practice. 
    Singhirunnusorn J, Roger L, Chopin-Laly X, Lepilliez V, Ponchon T, Adham M
    Langenbecks Arch Surg, 398 (2) : 295-302, 2013
  • Lack of prognostic significance of conventional peritoneal cytology in colorectal and gastric cancers: results of EVOCAPE 2 multicentre prospective study. 
    Cotte E, Peyrat P, Piaton E, Chapuis F, Rivoire M, Glehen O, Arvieux C, Mabrut JY, Chipponi J, Gilly FN, the EVOCAPE group
    Eur J Surg Oncol, 39 (7) : 707-14, 2013
  • Management of synchronous colorectal liver metastases. 
    Dupré A, Gagnière J, Chen Y, Rivoire M
    Bull Cancer, 100 (4) : 363-71, 2013
  • Use of bioresorbable membranes to reduce abdominal and perihepatic adhesions in 2-stage hepatectomy of liver metastases from colorectal cancer: results of a prospective, randomized controlled phase II trial. 
    Dupré A, Lefranc A, Buc E, Delpero JR, Quenet F, Passot G, Evrard S, Rivoire M
    Ann. Surg., 258 (1) : 30-6, 2013
  • Prostate cancer diagnosis: multiparametric MR-targeted biopsy with cognitive and transrectal US-MR fusion guidance versus systematic biopsy--prospective multicenter study. 
    Puech P, Rouvière O, Renard-Penna R, Villers A, Devos P, Colombel M, Bitker MO, Leroy X, Mège-Lechevallier F, Comperat E, Ouzzane A, Lemaitre L
    Radiology, 268 (2) : 461-9, 2013
  • Kidney damage due to tuberous sclerosis complex: management recommendations. 
    Rouvière O, Nivet H, Grenier N, Zini L, Lechevallier E
    Diagn Interv Imaging, 94 (3) : 225-37, 2013
  • Endovascular treatment of juxta-anastomotic venous stenoses of forearm radiocephalic fistulas: long-term results and prognostic factors. 
    Mortamais J, Papillard M, Girouin N, Boutier R, Cougnaud L, Martin X, Badet L, Juillard L, Rouvière O
    J Vasc Interv Radiol, 24 (4) : 558-64; qu, 2013
  • Does PCA3 score and prostatic MRI help selection of patients scheduled for initial prostatic biopsy?. 
    Vinet M, Vlaeminck-Guillem V, Rouvière O, Perrin P, Paparel P, Devonec M, Adam E, Briant PE, Ruffion A
    Prog. Urol., 23 (2) : 121-7, 2013
  • Safety of meglumine gadoterate (Gd-DOTA)-enhanced MRI compared to unenhanced MRI in patients with chronic kidney disease (RESCUE study). 
    Deray G, Rouviere O, Bacigalupo L, Maes B, Hannedouche T, Vrtovsnik F, Rigothier C, Billiouw JM, Campioni P, Ferreiros J, Devos D, Alison D, Glowacki F, Boffa JJ, Marti-Bonmati L
    Eur Radiol, 23 (5) : 1250-9, 2013
  • Robust alignment of prostate histology slices with quantified accuracy. 
    Hughes C, Rouvière O, Mege-Lechevallier F, Souchon R, Prost R
    IEEE Trans Biomed Eng, 60 (2) : 281-91, 2013
  • Epidural versus continuous preperitoneal analgesia during fast-track open colorectal surgery: a randomized controlled trial. 
    Jouve P, Bazin JE, Petit A, Minville V, Gerard A, Buc E, Dupre A, Kwiatkowski F, Constantin JM, Futier E
    Anesthesiology, 118 (3) : 622-30, 2013
  • Partial intestinal malrotation. 
    Daniel G, Dupré A
    Clin Res Hepatol Gastroenterol, 2013
  • Destruction locorégionale des métastases hépatiques d'origine colorectale. Place de la radiofréquence. 
    Stoltz A, Gagnière J, Dupré A, Rivoire M
    Journal of Visceral Surgery, in press, 2013
  • Impact of KRAS, BRAF and PI3KCA mutations in rectal carcinomas treated with neoadjuvant radiochemotherapy and surgery. 
    Derbel O, Wang Q, Desseigne F, Rivoire M, Meeus P, Peyrat P, Stella M, Martel-Lafay I, Lemaistre AI, de La Fouchardière C
    BMC Cancer, 13 : 200, 2013
  • Is port-site resection necessary in the surgical management of gallbladder cancer?. 
    Fuks D, Regimbeau JM, Pessaux P, Bachellier P, Raventos A, Mantion G, Gigot JF, Chiche L, Pascal G, Azoulay D, Laurent A, Letoublon C, Boleslawski E, Rivoire M, Mabrut JY, Adham M, Le Treut YP, Delpero JR, Navarro F, Ayav A, Boudjema K, Nuzzo G, Scotte M
    J Visc Surg, 150 (4) : 277-84, 2013
  • Is the surgeon still the main prognosis factor?. 
    Rivoire M, Dupré A
    Bull Cancer, 100 (10) : 973-81, 2013
  • Toxic liver syndrome following portal vein ligation. 
    Dupre A, Gagniere J, Tixier L, Da Ines D, Perbet S, Pezet D, Buc E
    World J Gastroenterol, 19 (18) : 2826-2829, 2013
  • Endoscopic submucosal tunnel dissection for large esophageal neoplastic lesions. 
    Pioche M, Mais L, Guillaud O, Hervieu V, Saurin JC, Ponchon T, Lepilliez V
    Endoscopy, 45 (12) : 1032-4, 2013
  • Ultrasound-guided transoesophageal HIFU exposures for atrial fibrillation treatment: first animal experiment. 
    Constanciel E, N'djin WA, Bessière F, Pioche M, Chevalier P, Chapelon JY, Lafon C
    IRBM, 34 (4) : 315-318, 2013
  • Orbital trajectory of an acoustic bubble in a cylindrical resonator. 
    Desjouy C, Labelle P, Gilles B, Bera JC, Inserra C
    Phys Rev E Stat Nonlin Soft Matter Phys, 88 (3) : 033006, 2013
  • Acoustic bubble behavior in a standing wave field. 
    Desjouy C, Labelle P, Gilles B, Bera JC, Inserra C
    J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 133 (5) :  3277, 2013
  • Control of inertial acoustic cavitation in pulsed sonication using a real-time feedback loop system. 
    Desjouy C, Poizat A, Gilles B, Inserra C, Bera JC
    J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 134 (2) : 1640-6, 2013
  • Influence of thermal damage on linear and nonlinear acoustic properties of granite. 
    Inserra C, Biwa S, Chen Y
    International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Science, 62 : 96-104, 2013
  • Electronic beam steering used with a toroidal HIFU transducer substantially increases the coagulated volume. 
    Vincenot J, Melodelima D, Chavrier F, Vignot A, Kocot A, Chapelon JY
    Ultrasound Med Biol, 39 (7) : 1241-54, 2013
  • Suitability of a tumour-mimicking material for the evaluation of high-intensity focused ultrasound ablation under magnetic resonance guidance. 
    Pichardo S, Kivinen J, Melodelima D, Curiel L
    Phys Med Biol, 58 (7) : 2163-83, 2013
  • Near-field effects in Green's function retrieval from cross-correlation of elastic fields: experimental study with application to elastography. 
    Benech N, Brum J, Catheline S, Gallot T, Negreira C
    J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 133 (5) : 2755-66, 2013
  • Tomography from diffuse waves: passive shear wave imaging using low frame rate scanners. 
    Catheline S, Souchon R, Ruppin M, Brum J, Dinh AH, Chapelon JY
    Applied Physics Letters, 103 : 014101, 2013
  • Tracking of velocity variations at depth in the presence of surface velocity fluctuations. 
    De Caqueret B, Roux P, Campillo M, Catheline S, Boué P
    Geophysics, 78 (1) : U1-U8, 2013
  • Synthetic jet actuation strategies for momentumless trailing edge wake. 
    Ben Chiekh M, Ferchichi M, Michard M, Guellouz MS, Béra JC
    Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, 113 : 59-70, 2013
  • Influence du design implantaire sur l'ostéointégration. 
    Gleizal A, Lavandier B, Béra JC, Paris M, Rivoire M, Gourmet R, Fromental R, Langonnet S, Chesnais S
    DTSC Magazine, 1, 2013
  • A randomized phase II trial of three intensified chemotherapy regimens in first-line treatment of colorectal cancer patients with initially unresectable or not optimally resectable liver metastases. The METHEP trial. 
    Ychou M, Rivoire M, Thezenas S, Quenet F, Delpero JR, Rebischung C, Letoublon C, Guimbaud R, Francois E, Ducreux M, Desseigne F, Fabre JM, Assenat E
    Ann. Surg. Oncol., 20 (13) : 4289-97, 2013
  • Multicenter validation study of pathologic response and tumor thickness at the tumor-normal liver interface as independent predictors of disease-free survival after preoperative chemotherapy and surgery for colorectal liver metastases. 
    Brouquet A, Zimmitti G, Kopetz S, Stift J, Julié C, Lemaistre AI, Agarwal A, Patel V, Benoist S, Nordlinger B, Gandini A, Rivoire M, Stremitzer S, Gruenberger T, Vauthey JN, Maru DM
    Cancer, 119 (15) : 2778-88, 2013
  • Children who received a radiotherapy treatment of the cranio-cervico-facial region: appraisal of the orthodontic treatment need. 
    Akharzouz C, Chauty S, Bodard AG
    Orthod Fr, 84 (2) : 157-68, 2013
  • Mise au point d'un modèle expérimental d'irradiation mandibulaire chez le lapin : résultats préliminaires. 
    Debbache S, Langonnet S, Lafay F, Fleury B, Bodard AG
    Médecine Buccale Chirurgie Buccale, 19 : 143-148, 2013
  • A model of mandibular irradiation in the rabbit: preliminary results. 
    Bodard AG, Debbache S, Langonnet S, Lafay F, Fleury B
    Bulletin du Groupement International pour la Recherche Scientifique en Stomatologie et Odontologie, in press, 2013
  • A multi-element interstitial ultrasound applicator for the thermal therapy of brain tumors. 
    Canney MS, Chavrier F, Tsysar S, Chapelon JY, Lafon C, Carpentier A
    J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 134 (2) : 1647-55, 2013
  • Opening of the blood-brain barrier with an unfocused ultrasound device in rabbits. 
    Beccaria K, Canney M, Goldwirt L, Fernandez C, Adam C, Piquet J, Autret G, Clément O, Lafon C, Chapelon JY, Carpentier A
    J. Neurosurg., 119 (4) : 887-98, 2013
  • Non-invasive magnetic resonance imaging follow-up of sono-sensitive liposome tumor delivery and controlled release after high-intensity focused ultrasound. 
    Fowler RA, Fossheim SL, Mestas JL, Ngo J, Canet-Soulas E, Lafon C
    Ultrasound Med Biol, 39 (12) : 2342-50, 2013
  • Prospective observational study of the non-invasive assessment of immediate postoperative pain using the analgesia/nociception index (ANI). 
    Boselli E, Daniela-Ionescu M, Bégou G, Bouvet L, Dabouz R, Magnin C, Allaouchiche B
    Br J Anaesth, 111 (3) : 453-9, 2013
  • Hypobaric spinal anesthesia with ropivacaine plus sufentanil for traumatic femoral neck surgery in the elderly: a dose-response study. 
    Lilot M, Meuret P, Bouvet L, Caruso L, Dabouz R, Deléat-Besson R, Rousselet B, Thouverez B, Zadam A, Allaouchiche B, Boselli E
    Anesth. Analg., 117 (1) : 259-64, 2013
  • Fatal mediastinitis following botulinum toxin injection for esophageal spasm. 
    Marjoux S, Pioche M, Benet T, Lanne JS, Roman S, Ponchon T, Mion F
    Endoscopy, 45 Suppl 2 UCTN : E405-6, 2013
  • Prospective randomized comparison between axial- and lateral-viewing capsule endoscopy systems in patients with obscure digestive bleeding. 
    Pioche M, Vanbervliet G, Jacob P, de Duburque C, Gincul R, Filoche B, Daudet J, Filippi J, Saurin JC, French Society of Digestive Endoscopy (SFED)
    Endoscopy, 2013
  • Management of bile duct leaks. 
    Pioche M, Ponchon T
    J Visc Surg, 150 (3 Suppl) : S33-8, 2013
  • Computer aided staging of lymphoma patients with FDG PET/CT imaging based on textural information. 
    Lartizien C, Rogez M, Niaf E, Ricard F
    IEEE J Biomed Health Inform, 2013
  • Design and evaluation of a transesophageal HIFU probe for ultrasound-guided cardiac ablation: simulation of a HIFU mini-maze procedure and preliminary ex vivo trials. 
    Constanciel E, N'Djin WA, Bessière F, Chavrier F, Grinberg D, Vignot A, Chevalier P, Chapelon JY, Lafon C
    IEEE Trans Ultrason Ferroelectr Freq Control, 60 (9) : 1868-83, 2013
  • Choice of new drugs in castration-resistant prostate cancer: predictive factors and effectiveness assessment. 
    Basset V, Flamand V, Crouzet S, Ploussard G
    Prog. Urol., 23 Suppl 1 : S44-8, 2013
  • Mechanisms of resistance to CYP17A1 inhibitors in castrate resistant prostate cancer. 
    Ripert T, Crouzet S, Ploussard G, De La Taille A, Robert G
    Prog. Urol., 23 Suppl 1 : S16-22, 2013
  • New ultrasound stone locking system in extracorporeal lithotripsy: decreased duration of fluoroscopy and radiation doses. 
    Abid N, Ravier E, Codas R, Crouzet S, Martin X
    Prog. Urol., 23 (10) : 856-60, 2013
  • Hemostatic absorbable gel matrix for severe post-traumatic epistaxis. 
    Bachelet JT, Bourlet J, Gleizal A
    Rev Stomatol Chir Maxillofac Chir Orale, 114 (5) : 310-4, 2013
  • Answer to the e-quid "A testicular mass". 
    Taupin T, Rouvière O, Cuzin B, Mege-Lechevallier F, Boutier R
    Diagn Interv Imaging, 94 (6) : 667-71, 2013
  • Does hormone therapy modify the position of the gold markers in the prostate during irradiation? A daily evaluation with kV-image. 
    Udrescu C, De Bari B, Rouvière O, Ruffion A, Michel-Amadry G, Jalade P, Devonec M, Colombel M, Chapet O
    Cancer Radiother, 17 (3) : 215-20, 2013
  • Detection of deeply implanted impedance- switching devices using ultrasound doppler. 
    Mari JM, Lafon C, Chapelon JY
    IEEE Trans Ultrason Ferroelectr Freq Control, 60 (6) : 1074-83, 2013
  • Pharyngeal pH alone is not reliable for the detection of pharyngeal reflux events: A study with oesophageal and pharyngeal pH-impedance monitoring. 
    Desjardin M, Roman S, des Varannes SB, Gourcerol G, Coffin B, Ropert A, Mion F, Zerbib F
    United European Gastroenterol J, 1 (6) : 438-44, 2013
  • Acoustic droplet-hydrogel composites for spatial and temporal control of growth factor delivery and scaffold stiffness. 
    Fabiilli ML, Wilson CG, Padilla F, Martín-Saavedra FM, Fowlkes JB, Franceschi RT
    Acta Biomater, 9 (7) : 7399-409, 2013