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Lab day
Team Sonochimiotherapy and sonoporation
Mystery of jumping bubbles
The mystery of jumping acoustic bubbles on lipid bilayers was revealed in Soft Matter, 2015.
Lab day 2015
Ultrasonic devices
Team High energy ultrasound
Palping brains by MRE


 BERA Jean-Christophe

Professor at EPUL Section 60

phone :+33 (0)472681940

email: jean-christophe.bera [at]

Coordinator of the Master of Science in Acoustics (




Research on control of ultrasound cavitation, particularly on:

- inertial cavitation generation by reduced ultrasound power: applications to ultrasound thrombolysis, transfection.

- acoustic regulation of ultrasound cavitation for cell sonoporation: in vitro applications to  sonodynamic

destruction and transfection;

- ultrasound effects on living cells, in particular stimulation of bone turn-over.





1990: Engineer of Ecole Centrale de Lyon, specialized in Mechanics.

1990: Postgraduate Degree in Acoustics.

1993: PhD of Ecole Centrale de Lyon, thesis on distortion product emissions (non-linear phenomenon linked to inner-ear selectivity mechanisms), in collaboration with Laboratoire d’Exploration Fonctionnelle Auditive (Hôpital E. Herriot, Lyon).

1994: Assistant lecturer (ATER) and contract research engineer at Ecole Centrale de Lyon

1995-2003: Assistant professor (Institut Universitaire de Technologie of Lyon, Department of Industrial Engineering and Maintenance).

Research on acoustic control in Lab of “Mécanique des Fluides et d’Acoustique” (LMFA), about:

-          audition in noise for hearing-impaired,

-          active control for noise reduction,

-          flow control by acoustic microjets, applied to flow vectoring and to drag or noise reduction.

2002: Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches of University Lyon 1, on Active Control in Mechanics.

Since 2004: Professor (ISTIL-EPULyon, engineering school of University Lyon 1, Departments of Mechanics and Biomedical Engineering).


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