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52 publications dans des revues internationales à comité de lecture







S. Montalescot, B. Roger, A. Zorgani, R. Souchon, P. Grasland-Mongrain,
R. Ben Haj Slama, J-C. Bera, S. Catheline

Electrolysis-induced bubbling in soft solids for elastic-wave generation

Appl. Phys. Lett. 108, 094105 (2016).






P. Grasland-Mongrain, E. Miller-Jolicoeur, A. Tang, S. Catheline, G. Cloutier,

Contactless remote induction of shear waves in soft tissues using a transcranial magnetic stimulation device Med.Biol., 61  2582–2593 (2016).














A. Zorgani, R. Souchon, A. Hoang-Dinh, J-Y Chapelon, J-M Ménager, S. Lounis, O. Rouvière, and S. Catheline

Brain palpation from physiological vibrations using MRI

PNAS, 112 (42) 12917-12921, (2015).






P. Grasland-Mongrain, F. Destrempes, J-M Mari, R. Souchon, S Catheline, J-Y Chapelon, C. Lafon, G. Cloutier

Acousto-electrical speckle pattern in Lorentz force electrical impedance tomography Med.Biol..60 (9) p.3747-57, (2015).






S. Catheline and N.Benech

Longitudinal shear wave and transverse dilatational wave in solids

J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 137 , EL200 (2015).






M.Rupin, S. Catheline and P.Roux

Super-resolution on Lamb-waves using a single emitter

Appl.Phys.Letter, 106, 024103 (2015).






J. Brum, S. Catheline, N. Benech, C. Negreira

Quantitative shear elasticity imaging from a complex elastic wavefield in soft solids with application to passive elastography

IEEE Transactions on UFFC, vol. 62, no. 4, 673-685, Avril. 2015.






F. Prieur, A. Zorgani, S. Catheline, R.Souchon, J-L Mestas, M. Lafond,  C. Lafon

Observation of a cavitation cloud in tissue using correlation between ultrafast ultrasound images

IEEE Trans Ultrason Ferroelectr Freq Control. 62 (7) p.1256-64 (2015).








M.Rupin, P.Roux and S.Catheline

One channel inverse filter: a spatio-temporal control of complex wave field from a single point

Appl.Phys.Letter, 104, 244101 (2014).






P.Grasland-Mongrain,, R.Souchon, F.Cartelier, A.Zorgani, JY Chapelon, C.Lafon and S.Catheline  

Imaging of Shear waves induced by Lorentz Force in Soft tissues

Phys.Rev.Letter, 113, 038101 (2014).










S. Latour, C. Voisin, F. Renard, E. Larose, S. Catheline, and M. Campillo

Effect of fault heterogeneity on rupture dynamics: an experimental approach  using ultrafast ultrasonic imaging

J. Geophys, Research . 118 (11), 5888 (2013).






N. Benech, J. Brum, S. Catheline, T. Gallot, C. Negreira

Near-field effects in Green’s function retrieval from cross-correlation of elastic fields: Experimental study in soft-solids and application to elastography

J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 133 , 2755 (2013).






B. de Caqueret, P.Roux, M. Campillo, S. Catheline, P. Boué

Tracking of velocity variations at depth in the presence of surface velocity fluctuations

Geophysics, 78, (1) January 2013.






S. Catheline, R. Souchon, M. Ruppin, J. Brum, A. H. Dinh, J-Y Chapelon

Tomography from diffuse waves: passive shear wave imaging using low frame rate scanners

Appl. Phys. Lett. 103, 014101 (2013)









J. Boulanger, N. Le Bihan, S. Catheline, V. Rossetto

Observation of a non-adiabatic geometric phase for elastic waves

Annals of Physics, 327 (3), 952–958, March 2012.






T. Gallot, S. Catheline, P. Roux, M. Campillo

Passive Inverse Filter for Green’s functions retrieval

J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 131 (1), 21-27, January 2012.














S. Latour, T. Gallot, S. Catheline, C. Voisin, F. Renard, E. Larose and M. Campillo

Ultrafast ultrasonic imaging of dynamic sliding friction in soft solids: The slow slip and the super-shear regimes

EPL, 96 (2011) 59003.





B. de Caqueret, P.Roux, M. Campillo, S. Catheline, P. Boué

Elastic-wave identification and extraction through array processing: an experimental investigation at the laboratory scale

Journal of Applied Geophysics, 74, 81-88, July 2011





T.Gallot, S. Catheline, P. Roux, J. Brum, N. Benech, C. Negreira
Passive elastography: Shear wave tomography from physiological noise correlation in soft tissues

IEEE Transactions on UFFC, vol. 58, no. 6, June 2011.









S. Catheline, T.Gallot, G. Ribay, Rosny, P. Roux

Coherent backscattering enhancement in cavities. The simple-shape cavity revisited.

Wave Motion 48 (2011) 214–222.





T.Gallot, S. Catheline, P. Roux

Coherent backscattering enhancement in cavities. Highlights of the role of symmetry.

 J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 129 (4), April 2011.





A.Nordez, S. Catheline, F. Hug T.Gallot, S. Catheline

Electromechanical delay in Biceps brachii assessed by ultrafast ultrasonography, 
Muscle & Nerve, March 2011.










A.Nordez, S. Catheline, F. Hug

A novel method for measuring electromechanical delay on the vastus medialis obliquus and vastus lateralis, Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology. 2009. 35(5), 172.





N. Benech, S. Catheline, X. Brum, T. Gallot and C. Negreira

1-D Elasticity Assessment in Soft Solids from Shear Wave Correlation: The Time-Reversal Approach, IEEE Trans. Ultrason., Ferroelec., Freq. Contr.,  56(11), Nov.2009.





A. Nordez, A. Guével,  P. Casari, S. Catheline,  C. Cornu.

Assessment of muscle hardness changes induced by a submaximal fatiguing isometric contraction

J. Electromyog. Kinesiol. vol.19 (2009) 484–491.





A. Nordez, T. Gallot, S. Catheline, A. Guevel, C. Cornu, F. Hug,

Electromechanical delay revisited using very high frame rate ultrasound,

Journal of Applied Physiology. (2009) 106(6), 1970-1975.









J. Brum, S. Catheline, N. Benech and C. Negreira
Shear elasticity estimation from surface wave: the time reversal approach

J. Acoust. Soc. Am., vol.124 (6), 3377 Dec.2008.





Nordez A., Gennisson JL, Casari P, Catheline S, Cornu C
A Characterization of muscle belly elastic properties during passive stretching using transient elastography

J. Biomech.,  vol.41, 2305, Juil. 2008.





S. Catheline,N. Benech, X. Brum, and C. Negreira
Time reversal of elastic waves in soft solids

Phys.Rev.Letter., vol.100,  064301, Fev. 2008.














J.-L. Gennisson, M.Renier, S. Catheline, C.Barrière, J. Bercoff, M.Tanter, M. Fink.

Acoustoelasticity in soft solids: Assessment of the non linear shear modulus with the acoustic radiation force.

J. Acoust. Soc. Am., vol.122, 3133, Dec. 2007.





X. Jacob, S. Catheline, J.-L. Gennisson, C. Barriere, D. Royer, M. Fink.

Experimental study of nonlinear shear wave interaction in soft solids

using ultrafast elastography

J. Acoust. Soc. Am., vol.122, 1917, Oct. 2007.





G. Ribay, S. Catheline, D. Clorennec, R. K. Ing, and M. Fink

A0 mode interaction with a plate free edge: Theory and

experiments at very low frequency by thickness product (L)

J. Acoust. Soc. Am., vol.122, 711, Aout 2007.





S. Catheline, M. Fink, N. Quieffin,  R. Kiri Ing
Acoustic source localization model using in-skull reverberation and time reversal
Appl. Phys. Lett. vol.90 , 063902, Fev. 2007














G. Ribay, S. Catheline, D. Clorennec, R. Kiri Ing, N. Quieffin,  M. Fink
Acoustic impact localization in plates : properties and stability to temperature variation
IEEE transaction on UFFC. Vol.54, Fev. 2006.














Ros Kiri Ing, Nicolas Quieffin, Stefan Catheline and Mathias Fink
In solid localization of finger impacts using acoustic time-reversal process
Appl. Phys. Lett. vol.87 , pp 1-3, Nov. 2005





J.-L. Gennisson, C. Cornu, S. Catheline, M. Fink, P. Portero
Human muscle hardness assessment during incremental isometric contraction using transient elastography
Journal of Biomechanics,
38 (7), pp 1543-1550, 2005  





R. Sinkus, M. Tanter, S. Catheline, J. Lorenzen, C. Kuhl, E. Sondermann, M. Fink
Imaging Anisotropic and Viscous Properties of Breast Tissue by MR-Elastography
Magnetic resonance in medicine, 53, pp 372-387, 2005





R. Sinkus, M. Tanter, T. Xydeas, S. Catheline, J. Bercoff and M. Fink
Viscoelastic shear properties of in vivo breast lesions measured by MR elastography
Magnetic resonance in medicine, 23, pp 159-165, 2005















S.Catheline, J.-L. Gennisson, G. Delon, R. Sinkus, M. Fink, S. Abouelkaram, J. Culioli
Measurement of viscoelastic properties of soft solid using transient elastography
J. Acoust.
Soc. Am. 116 (6), pp 3734-3741, 2004




Vincent Bertaix, Julien Garson, Nicolas Quieffin, Stefan Catheline, Julien De Rosny, Mathias Fink,
Time reversal breaking of acoustic waves in a cavity
American Journal of Physics 72 (10), pp 1308-1311, 2004




Nicolas Quieffin, Stefan Catheline, Ros Kiri Ing and Mathias Fink
Real-time focusing using an ultrasonic one channel time-reversal mirror coupled to a solid cavity
J. Acoust.
Soc. Am. 115 (5), pp 1955-1960, 2004




J.-L. Gennisson,T. Baldeweck, M. Tanter, S. Catheline, M. Fink, L. Sandrin, C. Cornillon, B. Querleux
An ultrasound based shear probe for the assessment of elastic parameters of human skin
IEEE Trans. Ultrason., Ferroelec., Freq. Contr. 51 (8), pp 980-989, 2004







S. Catheline, J-L. Gennisson and M. Fink
Measurement of elastic nonlinearity of soft solid with transient elastography
J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 114 (4), 2003




J-L. Gennisson, S. Catheline, S. Chaffaï and M. Fink
Transient elastography in anisotropic medium: Application to the measurement of slow and fast shear waves velocities in muscles.
J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 114 (1), pp 536-541, 2003




S. Catheline, J-L. Gennisson, M. Tanter and M. Fink
Observation of Shock Transverse Waves in Elastic Media
Physical Review Letters 91 (16), pp 43011-43014, 2003




J. Bercoff, S. Chaffai, M. Tanter, L. Sandrin, S. Catheline, J.-L. Gennisson, M. Fink, M. Meunier
In vivo breast tumor detection using transient elastography
Ultrasound Medicine and Biology 29 (10), pp 1387-1396, 2003







L. Sandrin, M. Tanter, S. Catheline, M. Fink
Shear Modulus Imaging using 2D transient elastography
IEEE Trans. Ultrason., Ferroelec., Freq. Contr. 49 (4), pp 426-435, 2002




L. Sandrin, M. Tanter, J.-L. Gennisson, S. Catheline, M. Fink
Shear elasticity probe for soft tissues with 1D transient elastography
IEEE Trans. Ultrason., Ferroelec., Freq. Contr. 49 (4), pp 436-446, 2002



2000 (Publication Post Doc)




L. Sandrin, S. Catheline, M. Tanter, C. Vinçonneau, M. Fink
2D Transient Elastography
Acoustical Imaging 25, pp 485-492, 2000



1999 (Publications lors de la thèse)




S. Catheline, F. Wu, M. Fink
A solution to diffraction biases in sonoelasticity: The acoustic impulse technique
J. Acoust.
Soc. Am. 105 (5), pp 2941-2950, 1999




S. Catheline, J.-L. Thomas, F. Wu and M. Fink
Diffraction field of a low frequency vibrator in soft tissues using transient elastography
IEEE Trans. Ultrason., Ferroelec., Freq. Contr. 46 (4), pp 1013-1019, 1999




L. Sandrin, S. Catheline, M. Tanter, X. Hennequin et M. Fink
Time resolved pulsed elastography with ultrafast ultrasonic imaging
Ultrasonic Imaging 21 (4), pp 259-272, 1999



a.       Publications à venir dans des revues internationales à comité de lecture



Ali Zorgani

Passive elastography for lesion detection in panchreas

Submitted to Physics in Med and Biol.




Wenfeng Ye

A selective mass scaling method for shear wave propagation analyses in nearly incompressible materials

Submitted to Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering.



b.      20 Conférences invitees


S. Catheline.
Medical Imaging 

WorkShop WAVE, Delft 2016


S. Catheline.
Shear wave elastography 

Ecole d’été OPUS, Lyon 2016


S. Catheline.
Passive shear wave elastography in the brain

CFA, Tours 2016



From Time reversal to elastography

The magic of waves, ESPCI, Paris 2015.


S. Catheline.
Elastographie par onde de cisaillement

Ecole MiFoBio octobre 2014


S. Catheline.
Applications ultrasonore: thérapie et elastographie

European School of medical Physics (ESMP) à Geneve octobre 2014.


S. Catheline.
Elastographie passive, élasto-tribologie, et élastographie par force de

Lorentz:  trois expériences à l'interface médecine-sismologie-physique.

GDR MultiOnde, SFA, Grenoble 2014


S. Catheline.
Passive shear wave elastography 

CFA, Poitier 2014


S. Catheline.

GDR MecaBio, GDR 3570, Paris 2014


S. Catheline.
Passive shear wave elastography : a correlation-based diffuse field tomography in soft tissues

GDR Onde, SFA, Dijon 28 Oct 2013


S. Catheline.
Elastographie passive
SIAM, SFA Tours 10 juin 2013


S. Catheline.
Elasto-tribologie et élastographie passive: deux expériences à l’interface entre imagerie médicale et sismologie.
International meeting on Passive Imaging on Wave Physics, Fed3G CNRS, Grenoble 11 juin 2013

Fed3F, CNRS Grenoble 11 juin 2013


Passive Imaging and Monitoring in Wave Physics : from Seismology to Ultrasound, 

International Summer School in Cargese, 9 May 2013


S. Catheline.
Phases géométriques des ondes élastiques en régime non-adiabatique
workshop Onde phase signal,  OPSI col de porte, 14 May 2012


S. Catheline.
Élastographie et retournement temporel : vers une tomographie acoustique d’ondes de cisaillement dans le corps humain, 

JAPSUS, SFA Lille 8 juin 2011



S. Catheline.
Passive imaging in wave physics from seismology to ultrasound
International Summer School in Cargese, 9 May 2011



S. Catheline.
Time reversal and passive elastography
workshop on Transport des ondes élastiques dans les milieux hétérogènes

col de porte, 14-15 Janvier 2010


M. Fink, R.K. Ing, N. Quieffin et S. Catheline.
Time reversal interactive object
Acoustical Society of America, May 2004

S. Catheline, J.-L. Gennisson, X. Jacob, C. Barrière, D. Royer et M. Fink.
Elastic Nonlinearity of soft solids using transient elastography
CFA/DAGA'04, p 153, 2004

M. Fink, L. Sandrin, M. Tanter, S. Catheline, S. Chaffai, J. Bercoff, J.-L. Gennisson
Ultra high speed imaging of elasticity
IEEE Ultrasonic Symposium, pp 1767-1776, 2002


c.       19 articles grand public et  livres


Matériaux et Acoustique, Bruno et Pottel (Ed. Hermès 2007)

Stefan Catheline et Rémi Souchon, Chapitre 32 : Elastographie.


Stefan Catheline,  Etudes expérimentales en acoustique (Ed. Univ. Europ. 2010).


Ultrasound Elastography for biomedical application and medicine, (Ed. Elsevier 2016)

Laurent Sandrin, Stefan Catheline, Chapitre 8:Transient Elastography.

Stefan Catheline, Chapitre 8:Time Inversion Tomography.



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[] Il manque un SNITEM ici demander a jean Yves


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a.      Brevets


[B1] Brevet n° FR99 03157 déposé le 21 septembre 2000 : "Procédé et dispositif utilisant des ondes de cisaillement", Laurent Sandrin, Mickael Tanter, Stefan Catheline, Mathias Fink (brevet étendu mondialement n° WO0055616 A1).

A ce jour, la valorisation et l’exploitation de ce brevet sont effectuées par la société  Echosens.

[B2] Brevet n° FR28 41022 déposé le 24 décembre 2003 (C.N.R.S) : "Localisation acoustique d’impacts sur une surface", Ros Kiri Ing, Nicolas Quieffin, Stefan Catheline, Mathias Fink (brevet étendu mondialement n° WO03107261 A2).

A ce jour, la valorisation et l’exploitation de ce brevet sont effectuées par la société SensitiveObject.

[B3] Brevet EP N°  2594964 déposé le 22 Mai 2013: ” Dispositif et procédé permettant de calculer les variations de vitesse de profondeur” Stefan Catheline, Benoit de Caqueret, P.Roux, T.Blanchi, M.Campillo.

[B4] Brevet WO N°  2015004224 déposé le 15 janvier 2015: ”Procédé d’imagerie à onde volumique et installation de collecte d’information sur un solide mou ” Stefan Catheline, Pol Graland-Mongrain, Remi Souchon, Cyril Lafon, Jean-Yves Chapelon.

[B5] Brevet EP N°  14305267.8 déposée le 26 février 2014: ”Shear wave generation method, shear wave imaging method and thermal mapping or treating method utilizing such a generation method and installation for generating at least one shear waveStefan Catheline, A.Zorgani, Remi Souchon, Jean-Yves Chapelon.

[B6] Brevet EP N°  EB15087 CATHELINE/AF en cours: ” Dispositif et méthode de caractérisation de lésions HIFU sur des couches minces par ondes guidées de basse fréquence” Stefan Catheline, Cyril Lafon, Jean-Yves Chapelon.




Co-fondateur de 2 sociétés : SEISME et Sensitive Object. Je participe à leurs assemblées générales pluriannuelles (voir l’annexe).

J’ai été consultant de Sensitive Object en 2005.